About Us


Established in the West of Scotland in 1966, the company remains based at the gateway to the spectacular Scottish Highlands, at its headquarters in Port Glasgow. Vango makes tents and equipment for families to camp in comfort, adventurers to go light & wild, and for mountaineers to survive in extreme conditions.

From campsite to summit

From the trail to mountain, Vango products allow everyone to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. Every tent, rucksack, sleeping bag and accessory has been designed by genuine outdoor enthusiasts resulting in gear packed full of experience that epitomises the Vango ethos of reliability, quality, innovation, design and usability. Vango has a long and memorable history in designing and manufacturing outdoor equipment.

From pioneering AirBeam® tent technology in 2011 to sending a tent into space in 2012 to rolling our AirBeam® technology into a range of AirAway™ drive-away awnings and AirAwnings™ for campervans, caravans and motorhomes. Vango has always been at the forefront of cutting-edge design and innovation and in 2021 we celebrated 10 years of AirBeam®, releasing S.I Pro single point inflation into AirBeam® technology Vango are no strangers to striving for greater sustainability and have been pro-actively doing so for over a decade.

Our Spares and Repairs Service refurbishes your outdoor gear to give it a second life of adventure. Where anything is beyond repair, all component parts are recycled for use in future repairs, as well as upcycling as much of the remaining fabrics as possible, dramatically reducing landfill. This includes tent fabrics and sleeping bag fillings being donated to Sheltersuit UK, to be upcycled into immediate shelter for the homeless.

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Company Timeline


Augmented Reality  

From introducing revolutionary AirBeam® technology to sending a tent into space, Vango has always been at the forefront of cutting-edge design and innovation. In an industry first, we’re excited to continue this pioneering legacy with the launch of our Augmented Reality (AR) System for Awnings and Family Tents.

With the introduction of AR, users can easily measure an awning against their vehicle, examine our Sentinel range in detail, and view products in 3D with a full 360-degree view.



Launched new advancements across our family camping, awning and trekking tent ranges including new developments in sustainable materials and products made from recycled single-use plastics.


S.I Pro

2021 marks 10 years since the launch of Vango’s AirBeam® technology which revolutionised the camping industry, replacing traditional steel and fibreglass poles with inflatable beams, answering our customer’s desire for a quicker, easier tent pitch.

10 years later, we’ve taken our AirBeam® technology to the next level. AirBeam S.I Pro® - Single Point Inflation - a new revolutionary feature for quick and easy inflation through the AirSpeed S.I Pro Valve. Our unique system ensures pitch time is minimised while the multiple AirSpeed™ valves help with simple deflation. The added feature of self-isolation AirBeams ensure that in the unlikely event of a puncture, the structure remains strong and functional.

Earth Collection

Vango earth collection

At Vango, we have been sustainability focussed for over a decade. From our Camping Recycled site to our spares and repairs facilities, 2021 has seen us take even bigger steps to reducing our carbon footprint. The Vango Earth Collection which launched this year uses innovative technology to create tent fabric out of single use plastic bottles. The Earth collection has a range of poled and AirBeam tents, sleeping bags, chairs and backpacks all of which retain our staple innovative features.

Radiate Collection

Vango Radiate

Expanding on the award-winning Radiate collection, we introduce some new additions including the Radiate Double sleeping bag, a new range of chairs and cushion. Radiate features state-of-the-art graphene technology for built in heat. Ideal for adding a touch of comfort and luxury to camping at any time of the year.


Project Hydrogen

Vango Project Hydrogen

After many years of research development, Project Hydrogen is the world’s lightest twin skin tent. Ideal for bike packing and trekking the new Project Hydrogen only requires a bike pump to be pitched.

Winner of an ISPO and OIA award.

Cobra Welded Sleeping bag

The Cobra welded box sleeping bag boasts box wall construction filled with down to ensure maximum loft and even distribution of down from head to toe. It is also engineered to be ergonomically shaped to fit around the head and shoulders for improved heat.

A2 Back system

An evolution of the Vango A1 back system. It is easily adjusted with one hand when wearing the pack and the Peripheral Aluminium Frame is lightweight with effective load transfer to hips.

Radiate Sleeping bag & Heat Mat

The innovative Radiate Single sleeping bag is a deluxe 3-season, 10 tog sleeping bag, it also features a built-in, Graphene heating element allowing you to top up the heat in your sleeping bag when connected to a power bank. The Radiate Heat mat is suitable for use in any sleeping bag, the Radiate Heat Mat can be positioned anywhere within your sleeping bag dependant on your preference. With the choice of 4 heat settings and an easy to use touch controller, ensure a warm night sleep wherever you camp.

Midnight Bedrooms

Our premium Midnight bedrooms offer a new tightly woven yarn fabric, blocking sunlight from pouring into the bedroom, ensuring a suitably dark bedroom for a brilliant nights sleep. Midnight bedrooms are also fire retardant, fully breathable and offer clear access through lower entry points.

Aotrom Sleep Mat

Our lightest sleeping mat at 410g, the new Aotrom trek sleeping mat is is the ultimate in light weight and small pack size as it packs down to around the size of a can of juice, whilst not compromising in comfort. It's air filled Welded Channels, mould to the contours of the ground and of your body for a more comfortable sleep.

Atom Stove

New for 2020 this innovative design establishes the Atom Stove as the smallest and lightest in our range at only 66g and 60xø40mm whilst being powerful, easy to store, transport and cook with. The Atom can boil 1L of water in 3.5mins and 3000W of power.


Vango Draught Seal System

Vango’s new Draught Seal System creates a tight seal between the awning and your caravan, ensuring no draughts come into your awning. This removes the need for any poles in your awning, which could damage your caravan.

Vango ColourLok

Designed to aid colour retention from UV light in Vango’s range of fabric our new ColourLok technology, which, meaning your tent or awning will look great for longer and has a greater UPF factor of 50+

Villa Construction AirBeam

The unique Villa Construction used in the Vango AirBeam range uses upright side walls increase the height within the tent allowing you to fully maximise the internal space.


Protex® 4:2 fabric

We introduced Protex® 4:2 fabric to our range to help increase the overall quality, whilst also minimising the effects on the planet. Protex® 4:2 fabric features 2x the rip strength and 1.6x the stitch retention of traditional PVC used in other brand's products.

It is also treated with 2 inner and 4 outer coatings of PU, meaning the fabric will be water-resistant.


A1 Back System

The A1 Back System was developed to provide our customers with the best fitting pack possible, without compromising on the rucksack's performance. Our A1 Back System features a single hand adjustment for ease of use whilst also boasting incredible air flow channels to maximise ventilation.


Welded AirBeams

Developed for quick and simple inflation, our welded AirBeam’s are used throughout our tent and awning range in models such as the Diablo and AirHub Hexaway.

Not only can they be easily inflated in a matter of minutes, the structure or the beams allows for great internal headroom allowing for a more home from home feel on the campsite.



Integrated into our range of Airbeam tents, SkyTrack's flexible hanging system, which allows you to easily attach lighting, storage or our new SkyLiners.

Cooperated into our awnings for 2017, the SkyTrack system truly allows you to design your tent or awning to suit your needs.


Vango Superbeams

Vango Superbeams offer a larger diameter beam to improve the stability and structure of your tent or awning, and ultimately enhance the AirBeam experience.


Vango AirSpeed®

Committed to innovation, Vango continually analyses every tent component to maximise performance. AirSpeed® is a further refinement to the Vango AirBeam® system.

An easy to attach valve, located higher on the tent makes attaching the pump easier, and more convenient.


Vango AirAwnings®

Following the success of Vango AirBeam® and AirAway® drive awayawnings Vango develop a range of AirAwnings® for caravans.

The inflatable awnings allow caravan owners to enjoy all the benefits that the AirBeam® technology offers; Vango AirAwnings® are quick and easy to pitch and fit.

Built with premium components and fully featured, the AirAwnings® are a real addition to every caravan holiday.


Vango AirAway®

Vango rolled out AirBeam® technology into a range of drive away awnings.

Offering rapid pitch and multiple fitting options, the Vango AirAway® range has proved hugely popular with campervan and motorhome owners alike.


Linked-In Groundsheet

Designed by Vango this enclosed groundsheet system offers all the comfort of a fully sewn in groundsheet but also gives added versatility because it can be rolled away when not needed and is easier to clean than a conventional fully sewn in groundsheet.


Vango AirBeam®

Vango introduced the Vango AirBeam® range of inflatable tents. By using inflatable tubes instead of poles large family tents can easily be pitched by one person in a matter of minutes.


Tied Arch System

Vango developed the Tied Arch System to give simple, quick to pitch tents with good usable inner space and headroom.

This technology gives a flexible living sleeping space without the constraint of a central pole. The result is a very stylish, yet practical tent.


Thermal Embrace System

Featured in our Duke of Edinburgh approved sleeping bag ranges, Latitude and Ultralite, Thermal Embrace utilises elasticated thread in the inner of the sleeping bag to gently pull the lining fabric towards the body; eliminating cold spots, and increasing loft and warmth.



Creating a home from home feel inside your tent, the pelmet hides away the inner attachment points from view and incorporates handy storage pockets.


Flat Pole Sleeves

Tents which pitch inner first tend to be more streamlined while flysheet first tents can be pitched as one.

By flattening the pole sleeves onto the flysheet the best points of both constructions can be included.


TLS - Thermic Loft System

An advanced sleeping bag construction, TLS was developed using synthetic insulation in an interlocked lattice.


TBS II - Versatile Tension Band System

Another version of our TBS system which now combines the cord and web together to provide more headroom as well as tent stability in adverse weather conditions.


TBS PRO - Lightweight Tension Band System

A lighter weight version of the tried and trusted TBS system that utilises a cord system instead of webbing to stabilise tents in adverse weather conditions.


ASC2/ASC3 (Advanced Shingle Construction) Sleeping Bag

Applying a double or triple strata of overlapping layers in combination with advanced synthetic materials creates a thermal system that has high thermal retention.

This construction technique efficiently keeps the user warmer, using less energy.


Omega® Sleeping Bag Construction

The Omega®construction produces an ergonomically shaped sleeping bag that hugs the body and is engineered to retain more heat.



Vango launch their own branded waterproof/breathable coated fabrics. These are premium PU coated fabric giving increased insurance against water penetration.


Bi-Radial Back System®

The Bi-Radial adjustable rucksack backsystem on the performance of the Quick-Adjust and Self-Adjust rucksack back systems.

Vango also led the rucksack market with the introduction of the innovative Bi-Radial adjustable back system, continuing the success of the Quick-Adjust and Self-Adjust rucksack back systems.


Tension Band System®

Quality and performance continued to assure Vango's position as the number one choice for tents.

1993 saw the introduction of the innovative Tension Band System® (TBS), a wind stabilisation mechanism for hoop tents.

This highly effective system continues to be part of the Vango design DNA.


Tension Membrane System

Vango introduced the original Hurricane tent with Tension Membrane System, the forerunner of TBS.


Hytex Fabric

Tent fabrics in the 60s were heavy. Vango developed Hytex Fabric from cotton and synthetic fibres to give higher performance with lower weight and smaller pack size.


Introduction of the A-Pole

Vango introduced the A-pole as an integral part of a tent. It was easier to erect, easier to get in and out and provided greater stability in high winds.



In the late 60s most tents on the market were imported from continental Europe and were not specifically designed for the British weather.

Covered space for cooking and storage was needed for wet conditions. The Vango Force Ten tent was designed with bell-shaped ends with a flysheet that came down to the ground to solve this problem.