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Camping holidays are a great opportunity to spend time with family and friends; all pitching in together, doing the simple things in life and sharing unforgettable moments. We have the perfect range of tents for all your adventures, whether it’s a spontaneous weekend away or a two-week family holiday. Our collection of family poled and AirBeam® tents are packed full of industry-leading fabrics and innovative technology.

For 2023, we expand our award-winning Earth Collection and introduce our Eco Drua Collection. The Eco Dura Collection is made using materials that have been 100% recycled from single-sue waste plastic, combing the innovative Airbeam ®. With both poled and AirBeam® tents, you are sure to find the right fit for you. We have all you need to make sure you Camp Better With Vango.

Explore Family Camping

It's great to spend quality time with the family in the outdoors. It's even better when you are warm through the night and secure in the knowledge that your tent will protect you from the elements. Our tents and camping gear are made to the highest standards, using intelligent design and thoroughly tested in adverse conditions to ensure optimum performance. With a great choice of styles, our family tent ranges are carefully considered, to ensure they meet every need.

Vango Family Poled Collection

Castlewood 800 XL Package

The Castlewood 800XL is an 8-man Powerflex® Fibreglass poled tent with a vis-a-vis layout. Airflow vents have been incorporated into the design to increase airflow and ventilation. The separate bedrooms each sleep up to 4 people and provide greater privacy than a standard tent design.

A groundsheet protector is included which will protect and extend the life of your groundsheet and tent. The Castlewood is designed specifically for campers who prefer more private sleeping areas, and is ideal for two families or couples to have separate sleeping areas with a generous living area in the middle.

The living space incorporates large Diamond Clear windows allowing light to pour into the living area during the day with the ability to cover with the roll-away toggled curtains at night. The Sentinel Fabric keeps pack size and weight low while ensuring Vango quality and durability. The optional side awning provides a functional porch that’s great for storing extra kit.

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Vango Castlewood 800XL

Vango Lismore 600XL

LISTMORE 600XL Package

The Lismore 600XL is a 6-man poled tent with an integrated awning that provides additional living space. Includes a groundsheet protector which will protect and extend the life of your groundsheet and tent.

The fully sewn-in groundsheet keeps out draughts and bugs, whilst ventilation can be managed using the mesh doors and AirZone panels. At over 2m tall, it is easy to stand-up and move around inside the tent.

The large front door can be unzipped to the midpoint, or fully across, giving a good variety of options to suit different conditions and uses. You can sleep-in longer thanks to the Twilight bedroom inner tent, designed to minimise morning light. The large Diamond Clear windows let light pour into the living areas during the day and can be covered up with the roll-away toggled curtains at night.

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AirBeam® Tents

In 2011, following 11 years of development and testing,
Vango revolutionised tent design and camping by launching our inflatable AirBeam® technology in place of traditional poles for rapid pitching in any environment.

The pioneering success of Vango AirBeam® has allowed us to continue to create new and exciting tent designs as well as advancing our existing collections. We designed our Vango AirBeam® tents to be extremely quick and easy to pitch as we understand while on holiday you want to spend as much time relaxing with family and friends as possible. If you've not used an inflatable AirBeam® tent before, you will be amazed by how simple and easy to use they are. We have all you need to make sure you Camp Better with Vango.

Vango Vesta Air 850XL

Vango AirBeam® Tent Collection

Vango Harris Air 500


The Harris Air 500 is the ideal 5-man inflatable AirBeam® tent for summer breaks. Designed with a focus on ventilation, this tent has multiple mesh panels incorporated throughout with an additional mesh panel behind the bedrooms to maximise ventilation and keep your tent cool on warm breaks.

Sentinel fabric keeps pack size and weight low, while ensuring Vango quality and durability. Twilight bedrooms ensure you sleep in longer and pre-attached front canopy provides a great area for dining and relaxing. The Harris is the ideal family tent for summer breaks.

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Trigon AirHub

The Trigon AirHub is the perfect shelter to congregate in as a group on the campsite, use as a central kitchen tent or communal shelter. The unique hybrid structure is designed with one central inflatable AirBeam® and two king poles at either side, creating a versatile event style shelter.

With four opening sides, you can choose your door depending on the wind direction and mesh windows ensure you have added ventilation. Benefitting from our Sentinel Eco fabric made from recycled single-use plastics, the Trigon is the perfect place to relax in the outdoors whilst doing your bit for the environment.

UK Registered Design Nos. 6152559 and 6152558 EU Registered Design Nos. 008649024-0001 and 008649024-0002.

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Vango Trigon Airhub


Expanding our Earth Collection to introduce our new Eco Dura collection. We extend the Earth collection as we continue to support the environment and development within our Earth Range. The Eco Dura collection is made using materials that have been 100% recycled from single-use waste plastic. Combining our new fabric with the innovation of AirBeam S.I Pro, this collection is perfect for weekends away with your family or longer camping holidays.

Vango Eco Dura

Joro Air 450 Sentinel Eco Dura Package

The Joro Air 450, 4-man inflatable AirBeam® tent is the perfect family tent for those who love the outdoors. Part of our Earth Collection the Joro benefits from our Sentinel Eco Dura Fabric made from recycled single-use plastic and boasts a 4,000mmHH.

New for 2023 includes an additional groundsheet protector, that will protect and extend the life of your groundsheet and tent. Combined with key features including the pre-attached front awning and large living area creates a spacious tent for all the family to relax in.

Featuring our revolutionary AirBeam S.I Pro® Single Point Inflation System, designed to make pitching even easier. Tinted Diamond Pro windows and toggled curtains offer additional privacy and insulation while our Midnight Bedrooms keep the morning light at bay. A great choice for families or groups looking for a well-designed and versatile home from home on the campsite.

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Vango joro air 450 eco dura

Vango vesta air 850xl

Vesta Air 850XL

The Vesta Air 850XL, 8-man inflatable AirBeam® tent is designed around a relaxing central lounge area with large panoramic windows and skylights creating a bright and airy space, ideal for large families looking for a comfortable camping adventure.

New for 2023 includes an additional groundsheet protector, that will protect and extend the life of your groundsheet and tent. The generous living space and vis-à-vis mirrored bedroom layout with bedroom spaces at either end of the tent make for additional privacy, ideal for older kids or when sharing your holiday with friends.

The Vesta benefits from key features including our new revolutionary AirBeam S.I Pro® single point inflation system, designed to make pitching even easier. Sentinel Eco Dura Fabric, a 70D, highly waterproof fabric while still being lightweight is made from single-use waste plastic highlighting our continued efforts to help preserve the great outdoors for now and the future.

UK Registered Design Nos. 6152556 and 6152555 EU Registered Design Nos. 008650022-0001 and 008650022-0002.

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