We’re committed to our ongoing sustainability plans and are delighted to launch our sustainability mission to coincide with World Environment Day.

Vango are no strangers to striving for greater sustainability and have been pro-actively doing so for over a decade - so far. Our Spares and Repairs Service refurbishes your outdoor gear to give it a second life of adventure. Where anything is beyond repair, all component parts are recycled for use in future repairs, as well as upcycling as much of the remaining fabrics as possible, dramatically reducing landfill.

This includes tent fabrics and sleeping bag fillings being donated to Sheltersuit UK, to be upcycled into immediate shelter for the homeless. Our sustainability ethos has reached new heights this year with the launch of the new Earth Collection of tents, rucksacks, chairs and sleeping bags, which have been produced using environmentally friendly fabric crafted from recycled single use plastics.

The Earth Collection will recycle plastic waste equivalent to 1,861,134 plastic bottles (500ml) this year, and in a sneak peek into 2022 plans, growing to the equivalent of 8,250,000 plastic bottles (500ml).

We hope you enjoy our sustainability mission within this series of posters, each one highlighting our various sustainable efforts, as well as giving you an insight into our purpose, vision and values and sustainable business practices.

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