The Duke of Edinburgh's Award Recommended Kit

DofE Recommended Kit

We have been passionate about the outdoors since 1966, developing camping equipment that has sent thousands of campers, caravanners, hikers, DofE adventurers and explorers confidently on their way.

We’ve been part of historic expeditions – such as the first successful British ascent of the South West Face of Everest. We’ve introduced generations of young people to outdoor adventure through our partnerships with the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award for over a decade.


The Vango range of DofE recommended tents are all extensively tested and performance lead to meet the highest requirements, guaranteeing that your expedition will be as successful as possible. Each tent is suitable for group usage and comes in a range of sizes including 2 man and 3 man.

All tents feature TBS®II Tension Band System which ensures the tent performs in adverse conditions, especially in strong, changeable winds.

As well as fast pack tent bags for easy opening and compression straps to control pack size.

Vango - DofE Recommended tents
Vango - DofE Recommended Sleeping Bags & Mats


DofE recommended sleeping bags and mats are developed with DofE leader to ensure that they meet the required standards needed on expeditions.

Much like our range of tents, Vango sleeping bags and mats are performance and comfort led to guarantee a warm and peaceful nights sleep in the wilderness. All of our DofE recommended sleeping bag and mats are designed to pack down small size for easy transportation, whilst remaining high quality and durable.


Vango trekking rucksacks are expedition ready to guarantee an adventure like no other. They all feature adjustable back systems which will ensure the perfect fit for your expedition and are designed for maximum comfort, whether you are venturing out for a day or a week.

DofE recommended rucksacks are always practical and durable, ensuring you can fit in everything you need for your trip.

Vango - DofE Recommended Rucksacks
Vango - DofE Recommended expedition Food


Wayfarer food is designed for easy meal preparation on expeditions. There's lots of variety including breakfast, lunch and dinner choices. All DofE recommended food is delicious and nutritious to fuel adventure and give you much needed energy.


Warm up your Wayfarer food on DofE recommended easy to use stoves. All stoves are designed to be lightweight and compact. Made with the changeable British weather in mind, Vango stoves will hold up to anything you throw at them, boiling water in a matter of minutes and easily stowed away in a separate storage box.

Vango - DofE Recommended Essentials
Vango - DofE Recommended Walking Poles


We have been passionate about the outdoors since 1966, developing camping equipment that has sent thousands of young adventurers confidently on their way to undertake their Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

We’ve introduced generations of young people to outdoor adventures through our DofE partnership and have a wide range of recommended kit including tents, sleeping bags, mats, rucksacks, food, camping food and walking poles.

The Pico and Camino walking poles are the latest Vango equipment to be added to the Duke of Edinburgh’s recommended kit list. Whether you're attempting DofE for the first time or are working towards your gold medal award, our walking poles will ensure you are fully supported.

The Pico walking poles are perfect for first time Duke of Edinburgh’s Award participants, with comfortable foam handles and an adjustable length giving you full support while out walking. The Pico poles are made from robust aluminium which mean your poles will be with you for years to come.

The Camino walking poles are ideal for anyone who is attempting a silver or gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. Made from robust 7075 aluminium the Camino pole will see you through the toughest treks. The QuickLock enclosure reduces the pole down to a portable 67cm when not in use and the anti-shock foam handles help to reduce stress on your legs, knees ankles and feet throughout your journey.