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12 years since we launched a Vango tent 103,000 feet into space, showcasing our pioneering AirBeam® technology. Our range of AirBeam® tents made it possible for a large family tent to be pitched by just one person, ensuring your tent or awning is erect within a matter of minutes allowing you more time to enjoy your holiday. In 2021, we marked the anniversary by launching our new AirBeam® S.I Pro inflation technology, the next chapter in our AirBeam® story… Using AirBeam® S.I Pro technology, we’ve designed a range of family tents and caravan awnings which can be erected from a single inflation point, whilst retaining the benefits of our Independent Beam Structure. Camp Better with Vango.

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Innovation is in the Vango DNA and AirBeam® S.I Pro technology is the next step in the AirBeam® story. Using AirBeam® S.I Pro technology we have created a range of tents and awnings with a single point of inflation where air flows into each beam from a single point but cannot flow back out. Alongside this, we have retained all the benefits of our much-loved Independent Beam Structure. Each beam has a deflation valve for quick and simple removal of air, making it easy to pack away and individual beams can be topped up separately if desired. Within the design process we have concentrated on clean lines and aesthetics, so the internal and external appearance is as you would expect from Vango. Welcome to the evolution of Vango AirBeam®, AirBeam® S.I Pro.