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The Sandstone Foundation SCIO inspires young people to be a part of their own solution and to focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

There is little government or private money spent in the UK in schools and colleges on attempting to fit pupils’ and students’ skills and abilities to their possible future careers.

There is even less, often none, spent on encouraging the development of the life skills which young people will require whatever career they choose, the key skills required being the maintenance of motivation, resilience in adversity and the maintenance of good mental health.

The Foundation seeks to fill these gaps by delivering inspirational talks and workshops to schools and colleges, which focus on: developing and maintaining a ‘becauseican’ mindset, encouraging pupils and students to learn how to ’become a part of their own solution’ by focusing on what they can (rather than what they cannot) do joining the dots between key STEM and other subjects in academic life and possible future careers how to overcome adversity and develop resilience, whatever career is selected how poor mental health can impact performance, and what to do about that.

About Tim Bradshaw

About Tim Bradshaw

From special duties selection to an earthquake on the side of Mount Everest, from a gunfight in Afghanistan to a year of endurance challenges, Tim Bradshaw has had to develop a robust toolkit and mindset to enable him to overcome serious challenge’s in hostile circumstances.

What’s remarkable is that he achieved these feats in the face of imposter syndrome and depression. Tim’s mantra is ‘Because I can’, because whatever you’re facing, you can do so much more than you think. This is a toolkit to help you take on any challenge. Whether you’re making an attempt on Everest or taking the next big career step this toolkit will make you more effective.

Tim attended the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst aged just 19. His first job was to lead 37 soldiers. Since then, he has served as a surveillance and target acquisition patrol soldier and covert human intelligence officer. In 2015 he attempted to climb Mount Everest to persuade mental health sufferers to ask for help. After a year of physical endurance challenges. He is now a Director of Sandstone Communications, an international leadership and team building consultancy.

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Course content

  • Developing a plan
  • Dealing with FEAR
  • Understanding the biology
  • Enabling resilience in others
  • Effective communication under pressure
  • Reassurance and direction
  • The emergency action drill
  • The tactical operating procedure
  • Developing a strategy


This workshop is run as a ½ day programme or 1 hour key note.

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Course content

  • The history of science and adventure
  • Modern day adventure technology and engineering
  • Maths keeps you alive!
  • The climate and science
  • Design a science project


This workshop is run as a ½ day programme or 1 hour key note

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“This was a fantastic afternoon and evening. In the afternoon, the discussion generated around the equipment Tim needed was really high quality. The young people were asking and thinking about some high level science questions. It was really impressive. Our parents, who attended in the evening, really appreciated the messages about resilience. This has been a targeted area since lockdown and we all felt that this was an interesting way to engage the young people in that idea.

Headteacher - High School

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Because I Can - By Tim Bradshaw

Because I CanBy Time Bradshaw

Profits from sales of Tim's book go back in to improving the foudations goals of engagaging young people to conquer their everest.

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Adventure has always been at the forefront of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). The study of these subjects is critical to the development of young people and to equip them with the knowledge and skills to actively solve the challenges that our changing climate will inevitably bring in the near future. As school curriculums continue to fall flat in showcasing the relevancy and exciting nature of STEM subjects - young people are missing out on vital intelligence and future experiences. Our goal is to fill this gap and to inspire as many young people as we possibly can.

To do this, we are working behind the scenes with our sponsors to develop exclusive and daring opportunities for young people across the Nation. This includes a national competition that will see the winners conquer the high altitude glaciers of Switzerland or the intense deserts of Morocco.

Groups of young people will be invited to design and present to the committee their very own STEM based project based on one of two of the extreme environments. Thereafter, the young people themselves will have the opportunity to join the Sandstone team to Europe or Africa to bring their project to life on the trip of a lifetime! Our future endeavours for 2025 will also see the return of our Year of Challenges.

From attempting the National Three Peaks Challenge to team entries for a mixture of Triathlons and Cycling events… 2025 will bring a variety of adventures for all.