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Sleeping is one of the most important elements of any camping trip. Our 2023 products feature state of the art technology ensuring you get the most comfortable night's sleep wherever your adventure may take you.



We know it is important for all campers to have the best sleep possible, to ensure they awake refreshed and ready for their next adventure. That is why across our ranges from, Adventure tents to top of the range Elite AirBeam®, we have looked to improve the bedrooms to ensure a great nights sleep. We have introduced two bedroom fabrics, Twilight and Midnight, both of which aid in reducing early morning light and have great breathability to ensure comfort. These have been introduced throughout the ranges to ensure every camper can Sleep Better With Vango.

Vango Mokala 450

Vango Mokala 450

The Mokala 450 is a versatile weekend tent ideal for spontaneous adventures of longer breaks with friends or family. Generous stand up height throughout gives a spacious feel while the rear door for storage and multi-use front door offers flexibility and added ventilation. King sized bedrooms with Twilight fabric ensure you Sleep Better With Vango.

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Vango Anantara III Air TC 650XL

The Anantara III Air TC 650XL, 6-man inflatable AirBeam® tent is the epitome of luxury camping. The tent features our new revolutionary AirBeam S.I. Pro® Single Point Inflation System, designed to make pitching even easier. Featuring our new Tinted Diamond Pro windows, this tent offers additional privacy and insulation, and benefits from our Midnight bedrooms, keeping the morning light at bay.

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Vango Anantara III Air TC 650XL
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One of the most important items in your camping kit is a good bed. Whether you choose the reliability of a campbed or the home from home comfort of an airbed, we have something for everyone.

Blissful Double

Our top of the range Blissful Double Airbed is like sleeping in your bed at home. The Blissful allows you to adjust the firmness of the bed to suit your needs with the Custom Comfort settings. You also have peace of mind that it will not deflate in the night with the Silent Top up System, which intelligently detects any loss of air pressure. The Blissful is perfect for couples who desire an uninterrupted sleep on the campsite.

Vango Blissful Double
Vango Blissful Double

Double Campbed

The Vango Double Campbed offers great support with a strong and reliable steel frame which folds down to a compact size. The double size is ideal for those who want to create that home from home feel. The Campbed Double is ideal for storing at home from sleepovers and for travelling to and from the campsite.

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Vango sleeping bags come in all shapes and sizes, from lightweight down bags for extreme weather camping, to double sized square sleeping bags for luxury camping and everything in between. We pride ourselves on innovation, and this is evident across our entire sleeping bag range. Keep toasty in our sleeping bags, and Sleep Better With Vango.

Radiate Double

The innovative Radiate Double sleeping bag is sure to keep you warm when sleeping under the stars. This deluxe 3-season, 10 TOG sleeping bag features two built-in Graphene heating elements, allowing you to top up the heat in your sleeping bag when connected to a power source. Compatible with most power banks, this bag will add a touch of luxury to your camping trip.

Vango Radiate Double Sleeping Bag
Vango Radiate Double Sleeping Bag

Cobra 600

The distinctively shaped Cobra offers an extremely lightweight option for trekking or those out for an adventure. With a Welded Box Wall construction, box shaped baffle channels filled with down ensure maximum loft and an even distribution of down from head to toe.

The Cobra has a 20D 380T Nylon Outer Shell fabric which is durable and water-resistant, enhancing its longevity.

It also benefits from Thermal Reverb which radiates your body heat for maximum warmth and comfort.

Vango Sleeping Mats


Self-inflating mattresses (SIMs) provide essential insulation from the ground and can add an extra layer of comfort for that home from home feeling. With ultra-light styles for trekking adventurers, to maximum comfort styles which may even be more comfortable than your bed at home.

Shangri-La II 15cm Grande

The Shangri-La II 15 Grande is, as the name suggests, the pinnacle of Vango's self-inflating mat collection. Updated for 2021 with our unique core cutting construction to create a smaller pack size without compromising on the incredible comfort, and a newly designed carry bag for easy packing and transportation. The vertical walls of the mattress provide a flat and level top to the bed and super-soft stretch fabric provides a plush sleep surface making the Shangri-La the ultimate in camping mattress technology.

Vango Shangri-La II 15cm Grande
Vango ThermaTrek


New for 2021, the ThermaTrek Sleep Mat is perfect for a warm and comfortable sleep to ensure you enjoy your adventures the next day. The new Closed Cell construction retains heat and is highly waterproof while a coated aluminium base provides added insulation to fend off cold nights. An easy folding structure makes transportation simple. Stay warm and dry wherever you go and sleep better with Vango.