Which Sleeping Bag is Right for You?

Which Sleeping Bag is Right for You?

Now that you’ve picked out the perfect tent for your next camping trip, your next step will be making sure you have the right gear to provide you with a good night’s kip. Cosy as it may be, you won’t be bringing your duvet from home along with you; rather, your next step will be choosing a sleeping bag that best suits the needs of your adventure!


Finding the right sleeping bag can be an admittedly overwhelming task – What fill do I need? Which shape suits me best? What size is right for me? There are many factors to take into consideration, but don’t fret! Whether you’re camping atop the summit of a storm-tossed Munro or have found the perfect spot on a sparkling white beach to watch the sun set into the ocean, we have the perfect sleeping bag at hand.



Our Nitestar range offers the user a combination of performance, quality and affordability. The bags mummy-shape means it will work efficiently when it comes to keeping the body warm; it also boasts a double layer of insulation for even more heat, making the bag ideal for camping in cold climates. There are bags within this range that will suit those camping in mild spring temperatures, frosty winter nights, and everywhere in-between. The range includes bags designed for both tall and short campers alike, ensuring you won’t wake up with frostbite from the waist up (or lost in your own sleeping bag!)

Perfect for: first time youth campers, festival goers, and recommended by the DofE and Scouts Association


Our Latitude range is popular among those seeking adventure! The Vango Thermal Embrace System increases the effectiveness of the bags insulation, which is made up of our patented Insulite Helix: A mix of hollow and multi-channel fibres which wick moisture, helping to regulate temperature and insulate effectively. The bag is also lined with reflective interlining, which helps to reflect heat back to the user.

Perfect for: Those on adventure multi day trips and expeditions and recommended by the DofE and Scouts Association


The Ultralite range – as you may have guessed by the name – is a lightweight sleeping bag with a small pack size. The bags in this range weigh between 850g and 1.90kg, meaning that the Ultralite is the perfect companion for long distance backpacking. You may be thinking that a sleeping bag so light would be less effective at trapping heat than its counterparts; however, thanks to our brand new Insulite Superfine Insulation, warmth isn’t sacrificed for the sake of a lighter load. The Ultralite range combines both synthetic and down fill, which means that it has the thermal benefits of down, with the flexibility of synthetic insulation. The Ultralite range is robust, offering bags well suited to camping in warm summers and harsh winters alike.

Perfect for: Campers embarking on long journeys – mainly those interested in backpacking and wild camping. This sleeping bag is also recommended by the DofE and Scouts Association



The Venom range of sleeping bags is perhaps our most adaptable offering. These bags have been upgraded for 2016 to contain hydrophobic down with a high performing 700 fill power. Down fill is advantageous as it’s lightweight and great for trapping warmth, however its Achilles heel has always been the fact that it performs poorly in wet conditions – once wet, it can prove to be quite a hassle trying to dry out the bag, leading to a night of tossing, turning and squishing around. With Vango’s Hydro-Barrier duck down technology, this problem is a thing of a past: it provides all the benefits of a down fill bag, as well as the water resistant properties of synthetic fill – the best of both worlds!

Perfect for: Campers on a year round adventure, in both wet and dry conditions. This sleeping bag is also recommended by the DofE and Scouts Association


Our award winning Planet sleeping bag range is designed with travellers in mind - the bag is very light and boasts a small pack size, perfect for those on lengthy adventures. It boasts a mosquito net with an HHL Vital Protection Anti Mosquito Finish, which helps to repel mosquitoes, wasps, flies and midges from ruining a good night’s sleep. The bags hood reverses to make a pillow, providing the user with a comfortable night’s sleep irrespective of their environment. It’s also beneficial for allergy sufferers, as the net helps prevent dust mites, odour, bacteria and mould from getting through. The Planet range is ideally suited to those camping through early spring to late autumn - and perhaps even a mild winter evening - however it will not provide enough heat to see you through those particularly icy winter nights.

Perfect for: Gap year travellers and those camping in conditions that may attract insects and bacteria.

Have a look at our matrix below for an even more in depth look at sleeping bags.