Vango Aftercare - Over 50 Years of Tent Care

Vango Aftercare - Over 50 Years of Tent Care

Vango Aftercare service is at the heart of our philosophy. Our equipment repair centre has been repairing everything from seam tapes to sticky zips for over 5 decades. Extending the life of your tent is beneficial to us, you and the environment.

We take great pride in designing and manufacturing products of the highest standard. Through proper care and attention, your Vango products are built to last. In the unfortunate event that a problem arises, we are here to help.

Through our policy of repairing and recycling, we aim to minimise our carbon footprint and the impact we have on the environment. Vango products that cannot be repaired are stripped down and recycled with other usable items and donated to local charities.


What do they do at our services centre?

Our services team specialise in repairing tents, awnings, sleeping bags and rucksacks.

All Vango kit returned to our team for repairing is fully inspected and sewn by hand, ensuring any issues are completely resolved with great care!

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Are my products under warranty? 

All Vango products are created and manufactured to exacting standards and covered by our user warranty, taking into consideration all manufacturing faults with regards to materials, parts and workmanship. All Vango kit has a warranty of two years!

This warranty covers the functionality for the intended use of your camping equipment, therefore improper and unreasonable use, accidents and extreme weather conditions, unfortunately, do not come under this guarantee.

Did you know that you can register your Vango camping gear for an EXTRA 1-year warranty?! So, whether you have a brand new AirBeam® tent for the family or a trekking sleeping bag for your expeditions, you can get an extra year warranty! Register your products here

We advise that you register your products within 6 months from the purchase date. The extended warranty offer will run out after this time.


How do I return a faulty item?

If you believe that there is a fault with your Vango product, there is a quick and easy solution. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Contact the retailer/shop that you purchased the product in

  2. Arrange a collection or delivery to the store for your parcel

  3. The retailer will then return the product to our Vango services team

Our team work very closely with our retailers to help manage all warranty repairs, so with a little help from you, we can get your products inspected, repaired and sent back to you as soon as possible.

Didn’t buy a Vango product from your local retailer? If you bought a product from our website and would like to request a repair, our forms can be downloaded from our Camping Spares site. Once you have filled in your form, simply scan and send to and return to the address provided!


Don’t be left tentless!

Our services team work to a repair time of 14 days of the arrival of your tent at the service centre. However, if the team decide that the repair will need a little more TLC and you have an exciting holiday planned, we will loan you a tent for the duration. You will then be able to enjoy your holiday with no hassle. No tent no problem!


Where can I buy spares for my Vango products?

Whether you have lost a pole for your tent or need an extra inflatable beam for your awning, we have a whole range of handy spares on our sister site Camping Spares! Spares are available for Vango products from the 2017 range back to 2008 models.


AirBeam Centres

If you require immediate assistance with your tent or awning and are unable to get in touch with the retailer you bought the kit from, you can get in touch with one of our AirBeam® Service Centres. These centres will be able to assist the best they can in any emergency, so if you are on holiday and accidentally burst an AirBeam® - there is help near you!



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