Our back systems: Which one is for you?

Our back systems: Which one is for you?

Choosing the right rucksack for your adventures in the outdoors can be a difficult task. Especially when it comes to deciding on the best back systems to suit your needs and give you a comfortable platform to carry your equipment. Vango have several back systems that are suitable for a wide range of activities and we have put the guide below to help you decide what the best pack is for your adventure.

Are you working towards your Duke of Edinburgh?

Our DofE recommended Sherpa rucksack is the ideal product for you as it is fitted with our versatile SA back system. Built around two body contoured alloy bars, the back system can slide via two webbing straps to fit almost any back length perfectly. These alloy bars also distribute weight effectively to the base of the spine and stable hip area providing an extremely robust platform for your load.

Are you taking part in a long excursion?

Our extremely versatile Pinnacle rucksack fitted with the A1 back system is the most suitable for your needs. An evolution of the Self Adjust structure. Built around two body contoured alloy bars, the back system can be adjusted with one hand to fit almost any length perfectly, whilst still wearing the pack. This gives excellent support and allows you to adjust the fit on the go making it perfect for heavier weight loads for longer excursions in the outdoors.


Or is it a multi-night expedition?

Our DofE and Scout recommended Contour rucksack is the best choice for this type of activity due to it’s easy to use QA back system. The Quick Adjust System features body contoured internal alloy bars running into the hip belt and webbing ladder adjustment. These combine to allow quick and easy adjustment to your back length, then efficient load transfer to the stable hip area. This design is perfect for backpackers and explorers heading out on multi-night expeditions or to accommodate growing bodies.


Or are you new to exploration?

Our Explorer II rucksack is fitted with ST Back system which offers a simple yet robust construction that still keeps your back comfortable. A channel created via the raised foam generates a chimney effect that enhances ventilation whilst active. The system suits a wide range of back lengths and is adjustable from the shoulder straps. It is perfect for younger explorers heading on single night expeditions with lower weight loads or for large groups with a wide range of different users.

 Do you have a smaller build?

If you have a slightly shorter back or are of a smaller build, don't worry. Our Sherpa and Contour rucksacks can both be found with a smaller back system. These packs with be marked with an 'S' after the name (eg. Sherpa 60+10S) which means it has a shorter back length with more fitted straps and hip bet providing a better fit for smaller users. These are ideal for multi-day treks and activity

Whether you are taking part in a single day DofE expedition or going on a long excursion in the Alps, there is a back system to suit your needs. They will allow you to have a comfortable journey and help you discover your Spirit of Adventure!