How to replace an airbeam tube

How to replace an airbeam tube

You wouldn’t go cycling without a spare inner tube, so why go camping without a spare beam.

Although our AirBeam® tents are extremely reliable, and we rarely experience complaints about our innovative technology that has been a market leader now for almost 7 years, we advise that you should always take a spare beam with you on your camping trip. Just in case you are the unlucky one who experiences a leaking beam or an accident causes a puncture.

To avoid incidents like those mentioned above, you should always inflate your beams to 7psi or within the area highlighted in green on our Vango AirBeam® Pump. Any lower and your tent won’t be as sturdy in windy conditions whilst any higher you risk blowing up the beam.

As they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Don’t let a leaky/punctured beam ruin your camping holiday – always pack a spare.

To purchase your spare beam, head over to our Campingspares website

AirBeam Tent

How to Replace an AirBeam® Tube

  1. Fully unzip the outer sleeve of the beam and remove the inner beam.
  2. Unzip the sleeve of the inner beam and completely remove the airspeed tube.
  3. You may be able to repair the inner tube with the kit supplied with your tent or you can replace it with a new one

If replacing with a new inner tube …

  1. Insert the tube and secure the valve.
  2. You must make sure the Airspeed® tube is not twisted. To do this you can either physically flatten it out yourself when inserting it or you can partially inflate your new AirSpeed® tube AND THEN insert it back into its cover. Partially inflating it before inserting it into your tent will prevent the tube from twisting.
  3. Zip the inner sleeve closed and put the beam back in place inside your tent. Zip up the outer sleeve.
  4. You can now fully inflate your new AirBeam® to 7psi.

Head over to our YouTube Channel – Vango TV – to watch our video on how to replace an AirBeam® Tube.