Happy International Women’s Day from Vango

Happy International Women’s Day from Vango

As the world celebrates International Women's Day, Vango proudly recognises the remarkable women who contribute to our brand's success and embody the spirit of adventure. From navigating challenges to achieving milestones, each woman's journey at Vango is a testament to resilience, creativity, and passion. Here are a few stories from just a handful of the women that are part of the Vango team.

Rebecca Sloan: Navigating the Marketing World

Meet Rebecca Sloan, our Marketing Administrator extraordinaire. With her infectious energy and can-do attitude, Rebecca is the backbone of our marketing team. Every day brings a new adventure, from assisting with day-to-day tasks to orchestrating events and photoshoots. Her dedication to presenting our tents ensures that customers are inspired to embark on their own outdoor journeys. Despite the hurdles of a male-dominated industry, Rebecca stands tall, her achievements like spearheading our presence at national retail shows in Glasgow and Birmingham are a testament to her commitment to Vango.

Levi Watts: Unleashing Creativity

Another female member of our team is Levi Watts, our Junior Graphic Designer and creative powerhouse. Levi's love for the outdoors shines through in her vibrant designs, infusing each project with a sense of adventure. From press ads to video infographics, Levi's artistic flair captivates audiences and breathes life into our brand. Her passion for hillwalking fuels her creativity, adding a unique perspective to her work. With Levi on board, our visual storytelling reaches new heights, inspiring others to explore the great outdoors.

Eilidh Earle-Mitchell: Trailblazing Innovation

Enter Eilidh Earle-Mitchell, one of our Product Manager and trailblazer in innovation. Eilidh's days are a whirlwind of activity, from pitching tents to jet-setting to the Far East for product testing. Her deep connection to the outdoors and boundless creativity makes her a perfect match at Vango. Despite the challenges of her voice being heard in multicultural settings, Eilidh's patience and understanding pave the way for meaningful collaboration. Witnessing the products she designs come to life in the factory is a source of pride and empowerment, fuelling her passion for pushing boundaries and shaping the future of outdoor gear.

Ruth Cuffe: Financial Dynamo

Another on the list of our amazing female employees is Ruth Cuffe, our Senior Accounts Assistant. While Ruth may not be an avid camping fan, her contributions to the finance team are invaluable. From reconciling bank accounts to processing expenses, Ruth ensures smooth operations behind the scenes. Despite encountering challenges in a male-dominated environment, Ruth remains resilient, championing equality and fairness for all. Ruth’s favourite part of working for Vango is the group of amazing ladies that make every day memorable.

Katy Buchan: Leading with Purpose

Finally, we have Katy Buchan, our Senior Marketing Manager and visionary leader. Katy's role is pivotal in shaping the Vango brand's narrative, both online and in-store. Her commitment to sustainability and innovation drives our mission to create products that empower outdoor enthusiasts. With a background in product design, Katy brings a unique perspective to the table, spearheading initiatives that make family camping easier and wild camping lighter. Her vision for inclusivity and empowerment sets the stage for future generations of women in the outdoor industry, inspiring others to pursue their passions without barriers. All our female staff continue to break barriers, inspire change, and shape the future of the outdoor industry. Happy International Women's Day from all of us at Vango!