Caravan Awning Optional Additions!

Caravan Awning Optional Additions!

Our range of caravan awnings were first introduced to the Vango collection in 2014, and have been well received within the caravan market. From our compact and contemporary models such as the Sonoma and the Braemar, to our spacious and luxurious collections including the Varkala and Kalari, we're sure our large range will accommodate you on your travels.

Whether you already own a Vango awnings or are thinking about purchasing for your upcoming caravan holidays, we have a large array of optional additions to make your caravanning experience even better! Easily expand your awning to create extra bedroom, or take full advantage of hanging storage solutions to keep your awning clean and tidy.


What optional additions are available and what are the benefits of these?



Create an additional bedroom for extra guests or a storage room for luggage with the Annex. Ideal for larger families or groups of friends who need that extra space when away on your travels.

Key benefits:

  • Compact and easy to assemble onto the side of your Awning
  • Multiple uses



The extra bedroom inner is a simple yet beneficial addition to your caravan or drive away awning, providing more sleeping space inside the awning.

Key benefits:

  • Simple to attach to the designated clips inside your awning
  • Allows an extra sleeping area
  • Zipped door offers extra privacy


Side Mesh Door

Keep the bugs out but the fresh air in with the side mesh door – an extra layer of mesh to accompany the door to improve ventilation throughout the awning.

  • Improves ventilation without letting beasties in
  • Can be attached or detached whenever you please


Hanging Storage

Ensure you aren’t congesting your awning floor with clothes, shoes and essentials with the hanging storage additions.

Key benefits:

  • Keeps awning floor clean and tidy
  • Prevents tripping hazards




Make your awning a home with a fitted or universal carpet, designed specifically to enhance comfort and warmth.

Key benefits:

  • Remains durable underfoot, to ensure the groundsheet is not damaged
  • Can be easily brushed, vacuumed or cleaned with damp cloth



Adjustable King Poles

Transform the front door of your awning to create a handy sun or rain canopy, ensuring extra shelter from the weather elements.

Key benefits:

  • Keeps front door dry during unfortunate weather
  • Extra space for muddy shoes
  • Create an additional living space or dining area


Replacement Beams

In the off-chance that you require an extra beam for your awning, we have an array of different sizes specifically designed to fit in all models. Simply unzip the sleeve of the beam, take out the punctured beam and replace with a new one to pump up in no time! Replacement bracer beams are also available, adding even more stability to your Vango awning!

Key benefits:

  • Handy for carrying in case of unexpected puncture
  • Easy to assemble and pump up so you can still enjoy your trip without any hassle


Storm Straps

There is no need to worry about adverse weather with extra storm straps to stabilise your awning, which can be easily attached and pegged into the ground to offer further support.

Key benefits:

  • Stabilises awning in bad weather
  • Ensures awning doesn’t sway in the wind


Wheel Arch Cover 

Replacement wheel arch covers are available for caravan awnings to eliminate the chance of draughts seeping in under the caravan, ensuring you stay warm and comfortable inside your awning on windy days.

Key benefits:

  • Reduces draughts from under your caravan


Draught Skirt 

Just like the wheel arch cover, the draught skirt also provides a shield from the wind coming in under the caravan. Easily fitted to the rail at the bottom of your caravan, the draught skirt ensures to cold breeze enters your awning.

Key benefits:

  • Eliminates cold breezes entering from under your caravan



Find out what additions are compatible with your caravan awning!