Airbeam family poled optional additions

Airbeam family poled optional additions

All Vango tents are designed to offer an ideal amount of space, an abundance of features and superior comfort ensuring all your camping trips are hassle free and enjoyable!

Whether you want to expand to gain extra living and storage space, or prolong the life of your tent, our optional additions will certainly enhance your travel experiences and make your tent a second home. From sun canopies to carpets, or front extensions to a simple footprint, we’re sure you will find the perfect addition to your tent!

What optional additions are available and what are the benefits of these?

Front/Side Awning

Tent awnings, which are available in front and side versions, essentially act as a fully enclosed entrance before your main tent door, perfect for muddy boots, bikes, prams or even as an extra living area for families and friends.

Key benefits:

  • Ensures the living area of your tent is clean, tidy and mud free
  • Offers extra storage space for larger groups

Porch Door

Vango porch doors feature a larger door with windows, creating a more home from home look and feel on the front of your tent. Porch doors are style specific so check out the matrix below to find out if your tent has a compatible porch.

Key benefits:

  • Protects front door from the elements
  • Door has built-in mesh for increased ventilation
  • Provides an additional enclosed area, perfect for increasing your living area whilst being able to hide from the rain on those damper days.

Sun Canopy

Simple and hassle free to pitch you can expand your living area with a sun canopy, which will give you a sturdy shelter in almost all weather conditions. However, Vango sun canopies are made to measure so are only available with a specific selection of tent models. Check the additions matrix below to see it there is one available for your tent.

Key Benefits:

  • Great for expanding your living area or adding additional space for food preparation.
  • Provides shelter from the summer sun, whilst allowing you to enjoy sitting out in the fresh air
  • Seamlessly fitted to the tent to eliminate gaps preventing rain getting in to your tent

Sky Hooks

Attach your sky hooks to the SkyTrack II® system integrated in your tent, ideal for hanging lanterns or extra storage. These are found only in AirBeam® tents. Suitable for 2017 models and onwards.

Key benefits:

  • Increase floor space by hanging storage and essentials
  • Light up tour tent/awning at night with lanterns when the sun goes down


Make your tent a home with a fitted or universal carpet, designed specifically to enhance comfort and warmth.

Key benefits:

  • Remain durable underfoot, to ensure the groundsheet is not damaged
  • Foam layer provides insulation and comfort
  • Can be easily brushed, vacuumed or cleaned with damp cloth


Add a footprint to your camping check list to ensure your tent groundsheet is well protected from stones or rough ground. This will not only eradicate the chances of wear and tear, but will also pro long the life of your tent, keeping your groundsheet good as new and muck free!

Key benefits:

  • Protects groundsheet from wear and tear
  • Marks out pitching area
  • Extra insulation underfoot

Adjustable King Poles

Transform the front door of your tent to create a handy sun or rain canopy, ensuring extra shelter from the weather elements.

Key benefits:

  • Keeps front door dry during unfortunate weather
  • Extra space for muddy shoes
  • Create an additional sheltered living space or dining area

Replacement Beams

In the off-chance that you require an extra beam for your tent, we have an array of different sizes specifically designed to fit tents in all ranges.

Key benefits:

  • Handy for carrying in case of an unexpected puncture
  • Easy to assemble and pump up so you can still enjoy your trip without any hassle

Find out what additions are compatible with your tent!