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AirBeam Technology air tent


Vango family Airbeam® tents are packed full of great features, making your camping holiday the best one yet! Here's some of the key fetures in the Vango Family AirBeam®Tent Collection!

Please note, not all models include all features, please check individual model specification.

Protex Tent FabricProtex Fabric®

Specifically developed for tents and awnings, Protex® fabric is strong, UV protection and waterproof.

Premium Polyester fabrics coated to different levels of waterproofness, to accommodate the demands of the end purpose. Polyester fabrics are light, packable, have greater elasticity and are therefore less prone to ripping.



150 Denier tent fabricFabric Denier

Denier is a measure of the thickness of the individual yarns of the fabric. The bigger the number, the thicker the yarns. Heavier deniers increase strength and life expectancy, lighter deniers reduce weight and packsize.



Double ripstopDouble Ripstop

Fabric weaved with a grid of stronger yarns increases the fabric strength whilst still maintaining a low weight. A double ripstop construction takes this protection to the next level, maximising the tear resistance of the fabric.



Airzone tent ventilationAirzone

Airflow in the tent is important for removing water vapour caused, for example, by respiration and perspiration. Without ventilation water vapour can condense on the outer tent fabric, forming into water droplets.

Vango use ventilation panels at both high and low points to create a comfortable flow of air through the tent. For 2017 we have upgraded our airzone to make our vents 50% larger, increasing airflow through the tent.



TBS® - Tension Band System

The TBS ® provides stability through internal connection points. The angles that the connections make helps to brace the pole or beam, preventing extensive movement in strong winds.

Simply unclip and roll away when not required.




Larger diameter AirBeams produce a really strong frame, that allows larger tents to be created.



Lights out innersLights-out Inner

Inner tents have darker fabric incorporated into them. This softens the morning light and allows you to sleep for longer.



King SIzed Inner BedroomsKing Sized Inners

Designed to fit a double airbed, adding luxury and comfort.



Pre-Angled AirBeamsPre-Angled Beams

More useable internal space is created by incorporating pre-angled sections into the beams, as opposed to a continuous arc. The shape also keeps the tent sturdy against strong side winds.


SkyTrack SystemSkyTrack System™

A flexible attachment system that can be used to attach lighting, tidy cables or even to hang additional storage.



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