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Vango Adjustable Steel King Poles 180-220cm

Maximise tent space on weekend and family trips with these adjustable King Poles, designed to hold the front door of your tent up to create a handy sun canopy. These poles allow you to make the most of your tent and give you valuable shelter from the sun or even the rain. Features innovative adjustable pole set from Vango in a fully adjustable design - use to hold up the front door of your tent to create a sun canopy and maximise space. Adjustment dimensions: 180cm - 220cm
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Availability date: 07-02-2022

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Suitable for the following:

  • Carron 400
  • Carron 500
  • Oakmere TC 600XL
  • Farley TC 500
  • Joro 600XL
  • Joro 450
  • Faros II Low
  • Faros II Air Low
  • Kela V Air Low
  • Kela V Air Std
  • Kela V Air Tall
  • Kela Air TC Low
  • Osiris Air 500
  • Joro Air 450
  • Joro Air 600XL
  • Marino II Air 850XL
  • Rome Air 550XL
  • Rome Air 650XL
  • Stargrove II 600XL
  • Winslow II 500
  • Longleat II 800XL
  • Aether Air 600XL
  • Stargrove II 450
  • Odyssey Air 500
  • Casa Air Lux
  • Casa Lux
  • Farnham 500
  • Odyssey 800
  • Purbeck 600XL
  • Purbeck 600XL
  • Tyneham 500
  • Jura Air Tall
  • Lulworth 500
  • Capella Air 220
  • Agora Air VW
  • Cairns Low
  • Kilda Air Low
  • Tailgate AirHub Low
  • Tailgate Hub Low
  • Homestead II Air 650XL


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