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Vango Clothes Dryer

The perfect solution to drying your washing whilst on your holidays. Compact and lightweight, our folding clothing dryer is ideal for when your camping or caravanning for a few weeks. The 3 arm aluminium frame creates a strong and sturdy base whilst being easy to use.
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  • 3 arm dryer - Plenty of space to dry clothes
  • Aluminium frame - Lightweight and strong
  • Ring and pin system, Pegs included. Keeps secure on ground
  • Maximum Loading Weight - 22kg/3st 6lbs
  • Handled Carry Bag - Provides easy transportation to and from the campsite


Weight 1.82kg
Packsize L22.0 x H87.0 x W13.0cm
Length 134.0cm
Height 143.0cm
Width 134.0cm
Max Load 22kg


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