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Winter Camping Top Tips

Winter Camping Top Tips

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Winter Camping Top Tips

Not ready to pack away your favourite Vango camping kit? See our best winter camping hacks and equipment to keep you safe while on your winter camping adventures. 

We know that in England restrictions have changed but if you don’t want to pack your favourite Vango camping kit away just yet there's still time to plan that winter camping trip. Camping isn’t just a fun way to spend your weekends in the glorious summer sunshine. At Vango, we also love camping adventures in the winter and we have some top tips for winter camping. 

Research Your Trip 

Before heading out on your winter camping trip make sure you are aware of what you might face as you will be exposed to everything that Mother Nature may throw at you. Utilise the internet, call the campsite for advice, review camping forums and seek the knowledge of fellow campers to gain as much information on your planned trip location.  

Important Details to Check Before You Go:- 

    What is the weather forecast? 

    What to expect from the terrain? 

    Are shops available nearby? 

    When does the sun-set and rise?  

What to pack

Once you have you done your initial research you are now able to pack appropriately for your adventure. 

When packing makes sure you take all the necessities and then some, being prepared will make a huge difference when having a great time in the outdoors.

Layers are the best method to keep you warm. Starting with a base layer top and trousers and thick socks, will make a huge difference to your winter camping experience. If it is particularly cold opt for a down or insulated jacket. Finally, make sure you have a good set of waterproof walking shoes to keep your toes warm and your feet protected. 

Make sure that your Rucksack or Daypack is good enough to keep all your belongings dry and is big enough to hold your additional supplies. A Dry Bag would be a great option when venturing out on a wet, or potential showery day to protect all your belongings from the wet conditions. 

Suggested Clothing to Pack for Each Night:- 

    Therma base layers (top and bottoms) 

    Thick socks

    Waterproof jacket 

    Waterproof trousers 

    Down or synthetic insulated jacket 

    Hat and gloves 

   Vango waterproof walking boots

Equipment to Pack

    Tent - The majority of Vango tents use our Protex® 70 denier polyester flysheet. These have a hydrostatic head (HH) of 3000mm (This is the measurement of how water resistant your tent material is) meaning Vango tents are highly waterproof, durable and reliable against the rain. A footprint sheet will act as an additional layer for insulation and protect your tent from dirt and stones, further prolonging its life. 

scafell camping

technical sleeping bag

Sleeping Essentials – A warm sleeping bag is essential for a cosy and uninterrupted nights sleep, make sure you take a 3-4 season bag preferably mummy-shaped, which will sit closer to the skin and prevent heat loss. Choosing a down sleeping bag can have its benefits, the Cobra sleeping bag featured hydro barrier down which will stay dry up to 4x longer than untreated down, as well as a thermal reverb layer which works by reflecting heat back into the user.   

A good sleeping mat will provide insulation between you and the ground. Elevating yourself off the cold ground is extremely important to stop you becoming too cold. A good self-inflating mat, such as the Thermocore or Aotrom both pack down small enough whilst not compromising on comfort.  

Lighting - As the late nights draw in it will be dark both in the morning and early in the evening. Make sure you have a trusty lamp and/or torch so you can make your way around. Vango offers a full range of lighting options from head torches keeping both your hands-free, to lanterns. Utilising a rechargeable headtorch, like the photon can be very beneficial (see our headtorch guide here). This will save on battery waste whilst also saving some pennies!

photon headtorch


Food and Cooking – Having a hot meal at the end of the day makes a long days hike worth it! Wayfayrer meals are flavoursome camping meals that are highly nutritional and will heat you after a cold day. Alternatively, Firepot offer dehydrated expedition food with an award-winning range that includes vegan, gluten-free meals, compostable packaging, and extra-large portions. We offer lots of different sizes of cook kits which can all be easily be packed away, making them extremely portable. 

We hope that you find our winter camping tips useful. All you have to do now is plan your winter trip, get prepared, wrap up warm and get out there. There are many great adventures to be had in the great outdoors throughout November - February!