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Vango Your Home School Set Up

Vango Your Home School Set Up

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Vango Your Home School Set Up

It’s at times like these that we discover how well we can adapt.  Ok, so we can’t camp outwith our gardens at the moment, however, we can utilise our Vango camping kit for other activities, such as home -school!

Here are our Vango Home-School Set Up Ideas.

Vango Tables for Your School Desk

Vango has a large collection of tables that could be used for your children’s studying or arts and crafts.  Why not take a look at our Birch Table, available in 2 sizes and cleverly designed with adjustable legs to not only offer stability on challenging terrains, but also giving you 2 height options.

If you have more than one child who is home schooling another option is to look at getting a bench set, such as the Orchard table and chair bench set or the XL Orchard table and chair set.

The Orchard bench set is ideal for little ones to sit side by side or opposite each other and help create crafts together or work on their home school projects.

The XL Orchard table set might give better distance for older kids who have their own individual projects to work on.

Both sets are ideal for storing away neatly on the weekends when school is out!

View our range of tables which start at £18 HERE

Vango Chairs for Home-School

Vango has a large selection of camping chairs for you to choose from, such as our Vango Divine Chair with a cup holder for the kid’s water bottles and steel frame with soft arms, padded seat and backrest.

Or for older kids, why not look at the Vango Hyde DLX chair with neck cushion to provide that extra support and 7 seating positions to suit all heights.

Alternatively, for the really little Vango mini adventurers, why not try our fun Inflatable Donut Flocked Chair, available in 3 colours.  Ideal for sitting down to do crafts, colouring in or to practice their times tables! 

View our Full range for camping chairs from £16 HERE 

View our Full range of inflatable chairs HERE 

Storing School-work

Without school lockers and pegs at home to hide away all of the kids school work or crafts why not invest in a Vango folding organiser, ideal for storing laptops, masterpieces and toys!

View the folding Organiser HERE 

Vango Garden Classrooms

Mix up the Classroom on sunny days with Tent Classrooms.

On a sunny day home schools can move their way out into the garden, dig out your tents and turn them into classrooms with all your camping gear.

Whether you have a tent already or want to invest in one for the summer months in the garden, Vango has a huge selection to choose from.

Why not take a look at our Capri II 500XL Air which has plenty of room for a classroom and also an outside terrace area.

Or if you prefer a poled tent, why not take a look at our Winslow II 500 which has an ideal classroom area inside with an option to create a sun canopy with a king pole on the large front door.

View Poled tents HERE
View AirBeam tents HERE