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Vango Blissful Airbed Review

Vango Blissful Airbed Review

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Vango Blissful Airbed Review

Independent product review by Paula and Darren from the Glampers Camping Club


During the 2021 camping season we were thinking of updating our sleeping arrangements, and we considered many different options including camp beds with self-inflating mats (SIM), and airbeds. Our key reservation was the usual unreliability of airbeds due to the usual overnight deflation problems. Then the Vango Blissful Airbed caught our eye, this airbed was said to stay inflated even when punctured, this is due to its intelligent internal motor. We had to find out more! And we did exactly that, following some research we decided to invest in this airbed and see for ourselves just how good it was. We took the airbed on our first camping trip in March 2022 to field test it. 

Build Quality

The build quality of this airbed is good overall and would match other brands such as Intex and Bestway. The rubber edge and corner welds are good and this is so often a problem on airbeds when the weld is poorly moulded, this isn’t the case with this airbed. The top of the bed has the usual flocked PVC coating for additional comfort and has a ribbed top structure providing additional stability. All the dials, switches, and components are quality and have a chunky feel to them, and don’t feel like they will snap if used. The overall build quality is great and the airbed also looks great once dressed


There are many good features with this airbed, we are particularly impressed with the internal intelligent motor that detects any air loss and corrects this constantly, so in the unfortunate event that the airbed develops a puncture whilst camping it won't go flat on you. Basically, the airbed houses an internal motor and if it detects any air loss it will add additional air automatically to correct the loss – now that’s good! (must be plugged into a power source). The airbed has 3 comfort settings for inflation – Plush, medium and firm. Unlike most other airbeds the Blissful actually cuts out when it gets to your desired setting so you don’t have to stand there checking and feeling the pressure inside the bed and switch off manually – It does it for you!

The airbed also comes with its own carry bag for ease of transportation.



The key party piece of this airbed for us has to be the intelligent internal motor that keeps the airbed inflated to the original desired setting despite a puncture or any air loss, after all who doesn’t want an airbed that never deflates when punctured! Gone are the days of topping up the air in the mattress every other day. The overall comfort feel of the bed is superb, and you are guaranteed a good nights sleep.


We had a good night’s sleep on this airbed, it won't let you down during the night thanks to the internal intel motor and it was comfortable too.

 Bad points

There is no bad points with this airbed, it may be 10cm shorter in width than some of the intex models however this doesn’t matter and we never felt that difference at all, the reliability makes up for the small difference in size and comfortably supports two people. 

Thank you for reading our blog and happy camping, from The Glampers Camping Club.