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Vango announces Trees For Life partnership

Vango announces Trees For Life partnership

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Vango announces Trees For Life partnership

We are pleased to announce that Vango has agreed a partnership with Scottish conservation charity Trees for Life

Our world is beautiful and we're proud to be continually doing all we can to preserve it, so we can all enjoy it - now and in the future. Established over 50 years ago at the gateway to the Scottish Highlands, we've strived to push ourselves, and our kit, to the limits on this spectacular landscape. To help maintain this incredible environment that we are proud to call home, we have partnered with the Scottish conservation charity, Trees for Life.

Trees for Life is a multi-award winning conservation charity that have worked for over 25 years with thousands of volunteers to rescue the Calendonian Forest and the wildlife that calls it home. The charity have planted nearly two million trees towards their long-term vision to save a habitat of global importance.

We are thrilled to partner with such an ambitious and powerful charity, and will do all that we can to help them achieve their goals and to keep our landscape wild and beautiful.

If you would like to donate or plant a tree to help Trees for Life's efforts, please click here