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Top tips for looking after the environment

Top tips for looking after the environment

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Top tips for looking after the environment

At Vango we are passionate about the outdoors and preserving its beauty. Here are our top tips to look after the natural world.

Household Emissions

40% of UK emissions come from households. We can lower this by switching to smarter appliances, keeping our gas heating use down and switching off electrical appliances and lights when not in use. Keep an eye on water use and make sure not to waste!


Reduce, Re-use, Recycle. When you recycle and sort out your house hold waste, the average homes emissions could fall by 0.25 tonnes of CO2 a year.


Ditch the car and walk or cycle to work!

Stop single use plastic

Single use plastic is dangerous for the environment, especially in the marine life where it can seriously injure sea creatures. Plastic straws have been banned in England since October 2021, why not cut down on the consumption of other single use plastics such as bottles?


Pick up rubbish and respect the Outdoor Access code by leaving no trace of your visit. This includes picking up litter including ‘food wrappings, food scraps, fruit peel, bottles, cans and glass’

Shop local

Shop local and organic if you can. This helps local farmers and will reduce your carbon footprint!


Lower your use of herbicides and pesticides in your garden. Plant pollinator-friendly plants, to encourage butterflies, bees and moths.