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Top 4 Health Benefits of Going for a Walk Everyday

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Top 4 Health Benefits of Going for a Walk Everyday

Here are our top 4 health benefits for getting outside for a walk;

  1. Boosts Your Energy

    Getting outside when you’re tired is often more effective than a strong coffee! Walking promotes oxygen flow in the body to help increase energy.

  2. Improves Your Mood

    Walking daily has been proven to boost self-esteem and reduces symptoms of social withdrawal.

  3. Creative Thinking

    Walking may help to clear your head, opening up a free flow of ideas and is a simple way for increasing creativity and physical activity at the same time!

  4. Maintain Stamina

    Going for a brisk walk once a day can help you maintain your current stamina to maintain your fitness for all your future hill walking!

If you’re looking for something more robust than trainers when out on your daily walks, then our walking shoes are ideal for all types of terrain and our walking boots provide ankle support which normal trainers wouldn’t usually do; this means that if you are walking on uneven terrain your feet will be looked after!

What are you waiting for!

Grab a pair of Vango boots or shoes and head off for a walk with the dog!

Learn more about health benefits of walking:

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