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Tips for Camping With Dogs

Tips for Camping With Dogs

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Tips for Camping With Dogs

The Glampers Top Tips For Camping With Your Furry Friend

Choose the Right Site

Choosing the right campsite for your dog is as important as choosing the right campsite for you. Ensure that there are places to walk him, if possible there is a doggy shower to clean him. Is the site a generally dog friendly site and are happy to accommodate dogs. Generally, the rule of thumb is that a dog is allowed on a campsite where cars are allowed so there shouldn’t be an issue.

Traveling With Your Dog

Most dogs travel frequently with owners and on a regular basis day to day. However, how does your dog accept traveling longer distances in your car and during the summer months. Does he suffer from travel sickness, does he become nervous and agitated. Under the road traffic act all animals when being conveyed are required to be restrained at all times and should never have the opportunity to affect the drivers ability to control the vehicle. So bear this in mind if travelling a longer distance for the first time with him. It may be unusual to him and he may act unusually different. Seat belt tethers are recommended which are specially manufactured for dogs.

Leaving Your Dog In The Tent

NEVER leave your dog unaccompanied in your tent. If you do he may decide he wants to get out and he can quite easily claw and chew his way out through the polyester or canvas flysheet. Don’t do it. Particularly on a warm day, consider him as one of the family and take him with you, a dog left in a tent on a warm day could spell disaster or even death for the dog due to heat exhaustion, leaving water down for him is not enough. Not forgetting that your dog could most certainly foul and urinate in your tent when left unattended.

Clean Up After Him

As stated most Campsite welcome dogs, however, these sites expect owners to act responsibly and pick up after their dogs. Please use poo bags and this includes when on walks away from the campsite.

Are Dogs Allowed On All Campsites

Most campsites allow dogs in the UK and providing your dog is not constantly barking, not aggressive, and generally well behaved there shouldn’t be an issue at all. Dogs are taken camping because most of them enjoy it, and owners gain plenty of enjoyment by taking them.

Do Dogs Enjoy Camping?

Most dogs enjoy camping and like us humans they have to acclimatise and get used to new things so give him time to adjust, if you have taken him quite a few times and he’s howling all night, being aggressive with other dogs and constantly trying to bite through his tether, then maybe Camping is not for him! However, most dogs take to it reasonably well. Make him part of the holiday, take him everywhere you go, walk him, run him and make him feel part of the trip.

Use Tether Lines

Tether lines are an excellent way of controlling your dog on the campsite. This is normally a stake that inserts into the ground with a line that attaches to the dogs collar, we employ tethers for our dogs. Just make sure you adjust the length so that your dog doesn’t wander into the next door neighbours tent!

Items To Remember

  • Pet bowls
  • Poo bags
  • Tether line
  • Pet first aid kit
  • Food
  • Treats
  • Ball or toys
  • His or her own blanket or bed
  • His or her own towel
  • Water bottle for walks

Think About The Sleeping Arrangements

Think about where your dog is going to sleep, remember he’s with you in the tent and he may normally have free run of your house at night, he may feel a little more confined in the tent. So he may be more suited to sleeping with you, or on the bedroom floor. He may even have his dog bed in the tent living area. This you need to consider.

We hope you enjoyed this blog article and it goes some way to helping you on your camping trips.
Until next time, Vango Ambassadors Paula & Darren x