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TentLife Sleep Better With Vango

TentLife Sleep Better With Vango

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TentLife Sleep Better With Vango

The nights are drawing in and the days are getting colder, but there is no reason you can't still enjoy camping with our sleep essentials to keep you warm on all your adventures.

Tina and Carl from TentLife love to keep on camping and continue to go well into the winter, even camping over Christmas. So they really know what they are talking about when it comes to the right gear to keep you warm all through the wintery nights.

In the 4th issue of their new magazine, they explore some of the Sleep Better with Vango range that will keep you warm on the coldest of nights.

All About the Mat

"I can't stress enough how important your sleeping mat is, not only when camping during Autumn and Winter but also in the spring and late summer (the nght temperatures can dip somewhat). Insulation and R-Value are what you should be looking for when wanting to camp in cooler temperatures, this is what makes the difference between being comforatable or feeling the cold."

"Vango's Shangri-La 15 Grande mat with a R-Value of 22 has extremely high thermal resistance, and you can trust me when I say you will not feel the cold from the ground with this mat in the UK during the winter.
This mat is camping luxury, 15cm of foam, warmth and comfort, it inflates easily and is a lot like what you have at home (if you have a foam mattress), it's less of a camping mat and more of a mattress. That said it's still very portable, and it comes with a drawstring bag to carry and protect it, you also have straps to keep it rolled when storing and transporting."

Don't Forget the Bag..

"With mats covered let's move onto sleeping bags, Vango have the Radiate Collection which consists of the Radiate Sleeping Bag and the Radiate Heat Mat, both use Graphene. Graphene is lightweight anf flexible, it's also many times stronger than steel. It's transparent and both electrically and thermally conductive.

When you connect a Powerbank via USB to the Vango Radiate Sleeping Bag you get a sleeping bag that warms both the bag and you up, my first thought was this is great but is it removable for washing? The answer to my question is that it's fully machine washable with all the element and electrical things left in. Is it warm, well the Radiate Sleeping bag is already a decent 3 season sleeping bag, but we have become creatures of comfort, it's great for popping on to warm it up before you get in.

There are 4 different heat settings controlled by a touch button, Red 45°C for 2 hours, Purple 42.4°C for 4 hours and 20 minutes, Green 39.6°C for 5 hours and 13 minutes and finally 36.6°C for 6 hours and 30 minutes. Running times are based on 5000mAh power bank, we used 20,000mAh, hardly any power was consumed (less that a quarter over 11 hours, using different settings)."

Our Review..

"Having tried these myself, personally I prefer to place the Radiate Heat Mat on my stomach, my core warms and then that allows the blood flow to return to my feet. I'm going to the Scottish Highlands camping in November and the Radiate mat will be coming with me. It will be brilliant for heating my knees and lumbar spine, for the cold makes them hurt, I can be warm and pain free which is brilliant.

We do like the Radiate Collection, you don't need to have an EHU, which gives you more versatility, many sites often sell out of EHU pitches and because the Radiate Mat is small, some may wish to take it on more adventurous backpacking/wild camping trips, a little luxury in the cooler weather. Many people use electric heaters in tents which wastes a lot of heat and electrical energy, with the planet warming and weather becoming more extreme, by making conscious choices to not waste every will help in protecting the planet."

Be sure to check out the TentLife magazine for lots more content like this!

TentLife Magazine Issue 4