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Radiate Single Sleeping Bag Review

Radiate Single Sleeping Bag Review

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Radiate Single Sleeping Bag Review

Camping with Style have recently reviewed our innovative and award-winning Radiate Single sleeping bag.

Camping with Style recently embarked on a 5-day camping trip with the Vango Radiate Single to test out this innovative sleeping bag!

"If you struggle with cold when camping, or you'd like to camp later in the year or earlier in the season when it's a bit colder, the Vango Radiate will make a great addition to your camping kit, helping to keep you cosy"

Reasons to buy:

  • Thick and warm 10 TOG sleeping bag even without the heating panel on
  • Great Vango quality
  • Perfect for family campers with that one family member who is always cold
  • Ideal for colder weather camping in late autumn and early spring
  • Even with the integrated USB cable, the sleeping bag is washable

Its clear to see why they loved the Radiate Single as much as we do! Click HERE to buy now, and don't forget to check out the Radiate Heat Mat too, for heating up any sleeping bag!