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Psst… there might be a secret stash!

Psst… there might be a secret stash!

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Psst… there might be a secret stash!

Mark Beaumont speaks to Vango about his Camping Recycled family adventure.

I was recently needing a family tent. Another tent for Mark Beaumont I hear you say? Yes, I’m sure you have heard of N+1 being the perfect number of bikes, well the same applies in order to have a tent for every occasion. I’ve plenty of tents for ultra light (search Hydrogen) and the extremes (search Force10), but my family aren’t so keen on cutting their toothbrushes in half to save weight or life at 6000 meters - for them I needed a tent so vast and luxurious that we could run around inside. As a long-standing Vango ambassador, sourcing tents has never been an issue… until now.

Alas, Vango have been hit by the same crazy Covid effects that every other brand in the outdoors worlds has been hit by. To spare you the details, these push/pull effects can be summarised by 1) the demand for outdoor kit has skyrocketed and 2) supply and global transportation of outdoor kit has plummeted. I am delighted that everyone seems to have rediscovered the joys of camping (as are the team at Vango) but it does mean tents (and all outdoor kit) can be hard to find, especially if your trip is ‘next weekend!’

But I am here to remind you that there is another place, a wonderful treasure trove of tents and outdoor kit, and it is called This is how I managed to find a gigantic 8 person tent, at a discounted price, when all the new stock was sold out. You can also find them at @campingrecycled on Instagram.

The cool thing about Camping Recycled (apart from the extra stock and prices) is that it’s been going for over a decade, responsibly finding homes for ex-demo, end of line and repaired kit. Vango are making big strides in 2021 with their new sustainable fabrics, however I love that sustainability has been in their culture all along.

So, the Beaumont clan are happy, because they don’t have to squeeze into one of my expedition tents - and I hope some of you are happy armed with this knowledge that there is another place to find new and nearly new outdoor kit at a time when finding new tents can be a bit ‘hens teeth.’

The world will start spinning again, trade routes will return and normal service will resume… but until then and whilst staycations are in vogue, don’t wait, jump into Camping Recycled and feel the triple glow of 1) finding what you were looking for, 2) getting a deal and 3) giving a home to some perfectly good but unloved kit.

Happy camping folks



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