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Packing Away Your Kit For Winter - The Glampers

Packing Away Your Kit For Winter - The Glampers

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Packing Away Your Kit For Winter - The Glampers

We understand that not everyone wants to keep camping right through the winter months, and how important it is to ensure your kit is packed and stored correctly and ready to be used on your next trip.

Below, The Glampers share their best tips for making sure your camping kit is well prepared for the next camping season.

Drying Out

It's sound advice that at the end of the season you should pitch your tent for a full inspection and dry out, this will ensure that your tent is packed away totally dry and you have peace of mind that when you roll it out on the campsite next year it's in pristine condition. Pitch your tent on a fine, dry day and open all the doors and ventilation points. The breeze will do the rest. This way, your tent gets to breathe inside and out.

Damage Inspection and Repair

While you have your tent pitched, this is the ideal opportunity for you to check any damage. Be sure to check all zip, guylines, pegging points, internal groundsheet and conduct a detailed walk aroud the outside of the tent checking the outer flysheet. Should your tent be damaged in any way, repairs can be made by replacing cracked fibreglass poles, replacing damaged airbeams, replacing guylines etc. Its better to do it now rather than at the start of the new camping season. Check out the Spares and Repairs site for replacement parts:


Cleaning your kit is essential to maintaining the quality of your camping gear and prolonging the life of it. Use warm water with a light soap detergent for cleaning equipment such as cookers and furniture (do not use this on the tent flysheet). Using soap products on tent flysheets can damage the material and remove waterproofing. You can use warm water to clean sewn-in grounsheets but ensure this is totally dry before packing away. Give your tent a thorough sweep out, clean tent windows with a damp cloth using warm water only.


We would always recommend that your tent is stored in a dry place avoiding any areas prone to condensation such as a leaking garage or garden shed. This can cause mould to form on the tent spoiling it for future seasons. We personally recommend keeping your tent inside your home but other items can be kept in outer buildings providing these are dry.

Think about next years site bookings

To avoid disappointment and missing out start browsing at some new campsites you may want to visit next season. Most sites allow you to pay a deposit to secure your pitch to avoid missing out. By booking in advance you are in control of what dates you go. Pitches often book up fast so best to get booked as early as possible!

Think about what part of your gear you need to improve or replace

This season we focused on improving our seating and dining. For next season we are improving kitchen and cooking. You may choose sleep or carpets or you may want that new range of must have lighting. Improving or upgrading your camping kit totally improves your camping experience and makes it more enjoyable. Click the link to see an amazing range of quality camping accessories and family tents:

Think about new ways of condensing your kit

We all like to make things as compact as possible for camping and travel. Why not use vacuum bags for quilts and clothes, this condenses the pack size to half. Use a holdall as a utility bag for lanterns, kitchen utensils, cups, plates, cushions, stoves etc. We use a holdall for all our smalls and this prevents spearate packages and keeps everything in one place.

The Glampers x