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Our World Challenge Adventure - King Edward VI Grammar School

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Our World Challenge Adventure - King Edward VI Grammar School

Corvus 85 Head Torch

  • Bright, comfortable, long lasting. – George Twinn
  • Great product! I liked the fact that it came with different brightness settings, as well as a red light which was useful to ward off any insects. The fact that it also displays how much battery is remaining was also a great use. Overall, an awesome product! – Lelyn Osei Atiemo
  • Works well, versatile. Doesn’t run out of battery for a long time. Only qualm is that it’s kind of hard to open the casing. – Bowen Huang
  • The head torch worked well, was very bright and the red mode was very useful when trying not to attract bugs, or wake others up at night. However, I left it in my bag and went back to find it had been switched on as my bag was very compact, and was warning me that it would run out of battery only 2 weeks into the trip. Other than that, I also felt that the method of tilting the torch wasn’t sufficient, as it still blinded people as you looked at them. I think the issue was that the strap either wasn’t able to be pulled tight enough, or the material didn’t have enough grip to hold onto my hair, therefore I had to position it very high on my head in order for it to stay on. This meant that when tilting it to avoid people’s faces, it couldn’t tilt far enough. Definitely a sufficient product though, despite this. – Zoe Robinson
  • Bright light which covered a large area, good that it required AA batteries so easily replaced however the red light was too dim to use. – Elliott Green

Sherpa 60 + 10 Rucksack

  • The rucksack was rather stable and spacious enough to fit in all the essential equipment needed for a month-long expedition. Personally, as I am rather small I felt that it did not adjust properly to my back and I could not adjust it to sit comfortably on my hips. Thus, it would not be suitable to be worn for someone of my height (5’1) for long a period of time. – Lelyn Osei Atiemo
  • Many pockets and zips, useful to divide up kit. Bottles often fell out of side holders, need to have a tightening/securing option. – Prithvi Sachithanandam
  • This bag had very useful pockets and was overall a great way for me to keep my things organised, particularly due to the inner and outer pockets in the top flap. The side pockets were also a perfect size for storing water bottles, however they didn’t seem very secure and I Was worried they may fall out. One solution may be to have a small keyring like in the top pocket, for a carabiner to hold the water bottle (or anything else) securely. Furthermore, I had a few waterproofing issues, partly due to these separate and external pockets. I would have found it beneficial to provide an integrated method of waterproofing particularly the top exterior pocket, as the zips and existing material weren’t sufficient for this purpose. Additionally, when I was using a large waterproof bag inside the main section, it made the bottom zip redundant. If this section had a separate waterproof bag as well, it would greatly increase its possible uses and spaces to store things that may need to be accessed. Another (far more) useful feature would have been somewhere to store the walking poles, as I carried two with me and at one point ripped a hole in my rucksack liner trying to fit them into a packed bag. This would have to be covered well for baggage handling systems, however a simple loop made for this purpose would also be beneficial for use during walking while they are not needed, and for keeping them together during travel between places, as luggage would often be thrown into a bus haphazardly. I also found that the arm straps would loosen on their own, and would need to be adjusted occasionally, however these were the only ones. The waist strap also didn’t seem to tighten enough at times as well, so is unlikely to be suitable for any users skinnier than me. – Zoe Robinson


Boulder Daysack

  • The backpack was spacious enough to hold any equipment which was needed for a day’s walk. It is also light enough which meant that it did not add much additional weight to equipment already being carried. I appreciated the water bottle holders on the side as well as a space to insert the mouthpiece of a hydration system. The back support could become uncomfortable over long periods of time, however. – Lelyn Osei Atiemo
  • The waist buckle broke or became faulty very easily, but other straps (including side straps for the bottles) and pockets were useful to separate items, and the bag itself was very spacious at full capacity. – Prithvi Sachithanandam
  • Good waist support and the straps helped balance the weight evenly, but most of the clips were poor quality and broke after a few uses. – Hazel Ellender
  • It held up extremely well against the rigours of our treks; survived daily use in a variety of climates; hot, cold, humid, dry and intense soakings in the rainforest phase without any rips on the straps. The stomach strap was very comfortable to use and enabled the comfortable carrying of greater loads over distance. Can't fault the capacity at all but the lid pocket zip did break two weeks in (after suffering rather a lot of abuse however). – Jonathan Singh


Ultralite 900 Sleeping Bag

  • Extremely comfortable and warm; can pack in very small, making it incredibly easy to use and carry. My favourite sleeping bag. – George Twinn
  • Great product! Personally, I found that it was warm enough during cold nights at high altitude and also packed up in a relatively small size to not take up too much space in my bag. – Lelyn Osei Atiemo
  • I found this sleeping bag very comfortable, and the curve of the hood section helped to keep warm when sleeping at altitude. No true criticisms here – the bag was sturdy and even with extreme use of the compression straps, did not rip, as I have had bags do before. This meant it could be made very compact, perfect for our use of travelling and hiking while carrying our kit. – Zoe Robinson


Aero Trek Mat

  • Easily inflatable and can reduce in size brilliantly. Easy to carry and comfortable to sleep on. My only criticism would be that there’s no way of storing the repair kit, making it easy to lose them. – George Twinn
  • Did a great job! It added some insulation and relative comfort. It packed up into a small enough size to fit into the rucksacks and not take up too much space. However, over longer period of use it did begin to hurt my back. – Lelyn Osei Atiemo
  • Very comfortable and easy to roll up in the morning. Inflated well but took a really long time to fully inflate so you have to put it out a while before going to bed. – Hazel Ellender



Camino Walking Pole

  • Comfortable in the hands, but the baskets come off incredibly easily, and with nowhere to “store” the plastic ends, they’re easy to lose. The clamps are also sometimes difficult to use, as they are either too loose or too firm. – George Twinn
  • They were relatively effective for their purpose, however rubber end was sanded down relatively easily, however this can be easily amended. The basket was useful at points when it was muddy terrain, but having said this, it was easily lost. It helped with increased traction and helped my stamina at times. Overall good product. – Jay Ho
  • The walking poles were very useful at times, and I found them the most useful for stability in windy, rocky terrains, due to the abrasive grip on the end, however would still occasionally slip and particularly on wet ground. The basket was very useful for me; however, I was the only member of the group that managed not to lose this in the rainforest due to deep mud and walking upstream through rivers. Even with the basket however, it was difficult to grip at particular angles, such as walking up a steep and muddy hill, and in this situation, it didn’t provide much support. I also found that the basket had little effect on sandy terrains as the pole would continue to sink into the sand regardless. However, being able to contract was a large bonus, however the clamps to adjust this was often overly difficult to turn. Despite this, I will rely on these again, as I had not tried these before and was surprised at how essential they were in many different terrains. Overall a very useful product. – Zoe Robinson