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New to Camping? Vango Ambassador, Claire Campion Shares Her Experience as a Newbie!

New to Camping? Vango Ambassador, Claire Campion Shares Her Experience as a Newbie!

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New to Camping? Vango Ambassador, Claire Campion Shares Her Experience as a Newbie!

We started camping last year after my husband introduced me to Vango’s Airbeam tents. We went to see them in the flesh at the Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show at the NEC and came home fully kitted out campers! We have managed to camp at five different campsites across the UK – so some may say we are now fully-fledged campers!

We have learnt a lot already along the way - what we need, what we like, and what is really necessary! Here are our top ten Vango items we can’t live without!

1. Azure AirBeam 600XL Tent

This is where it all started for us! I don’t know if I would have been convinced to even try camping if it wasn’t for the ease of the Vango AirBeam® tent technology! So far, we have put up and taken down our Vango Azura 600xl tent six times in less than a year and every time we have managed to do it without any arguments! We can now get the Azura set up in less than 20 minutes!

View the Azura AirBeam Tent HERE

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2. Shangri-la 10 Double Mattress

Some may see these mattresses as an extravagance, but I can’t rave about them enough! I believe that most people who don’t take to camping are sleeping on the wrong mattress! For me, sleep is everything and I really don’t cope well without it. So, choosing the right mattress was important for us. They are so incredibly comfortable, self inflate and very durable.

We have two double Shangri-La 10 mattresses for us and the kids. Both our girls sleep through the night and don’t disturb each other, as you don’t bounce each other around as with airbeds. It really feels like you are on your bed from home!

They also double up as great spare mattresses for sleepovers at home too!

View the Shangri-la HERE

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3. Granite Double Storage Unit

We chose this storage unit for our kitchen area. It has a flat top and two compartments below which have zip-up doors and three shelves on each side. We use one side for food storage and the other side to store all our utensils and pots and pans. The flat top can then be set up with the burners so making that all important cup of tea is easy! It makes the kitchen area neat and tidy and more homely.

View the Grantie Double Storage Unit HERE

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4. Titan Oversized Chairs

Like the mattresses, I wanted to find a comfy chair. I wanted to have somewhere where I could sit, completely relax and feel comfortable. They are oversized so both girls like to snuggle up together on one chair too. They easily fold up and come with their own covers for easy transportation.

View the Titan Chair HERE

View the Vango Chair Collection HERE

5. Vango SunBeam Flexi Lights

You could camp with one good lamp that hangs from the middle of the tent – but you could also camp using the Vango Flexi lights! We have two sets of 2m lights. They attach using the SkyTrack™ system and span the width of the tent. We have one set by the kitchen/living room section and one set by the living room/bedroom section. They can be switched on and off using a remote control which is very useful for when you are settled in bed – no need to jump out into the cold to turn them off! They also have a brightness setting, which really helps when the kids go to bed earlier. We have been so impressed with these lights we have now fitted some up in our loft at home!

View the SunBeam Flexi-lights HERE

View the SunBeam Flexi-light in Other Sizes HERE

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Inflatable Chair 

6. Inflatable Deluxe Flocked Chairs

These are perfect for longer stays if you need more chairs for everyone to relax. The kids love them and the best thing about them is they pack up small.

View the Inflatable Flocked Chair HERE

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7. Skyliner

This is a piece of fabric that runs across the top of your tent. It provides a layer of air between the living space and the ceiling reducing effects of condensation and creating a thermal barrier in colder weather. It is attached using the SkyTrack™ (which we also use for the flexi lights) and once they are up, makes the living area of the tent feel much more homely and cosy.

View the Skyliner HERE


Universal Carpet 

8. Carpet

Like the Skyliner, you could very easily go camping without this, but putting a carpet down in the living area definitely helps to make the tent feel like home, as well as making it much warmer and comfortable underfoot. The Vango carpets are made to size for each tent and fit perfectly on the living section floor.

View the Azura carpet HERE

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9. Groundsheet

I urge you all to invest in a groundsheet. Not only does help to massively extend the life of your tent by protecting the bottom, but it is also the very first thing you get out to position where you will pitch up! Believe me, manoeuvring a groundsheet is a lot easier than dragging around the whole tent!

The first thing we do when we get to our pitch is lay the groundsheet down. Check for a slope or bumps and make sure we have enough room between other campers before we erect the tent.

View the Azura Groundsheet HERE

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10. AirBeam Modular WindBreak

I’m going to end with a new product we are yet to try, but it is sitting with the rest of our gear ready for next season, the AirBeam® Modular WindBreak, which has been on our wish list all year. Now windbreaks have come a long way since the ones my grandparents use to use on the beaches – these windbreaks are an extension to your camping life! We have definitely needed one on a few of our windier campsites this past year. It would have allowed us to sit outside and enjoy more of the sea views!

The windbreak we have is from the new season AirBeam® collection, so does not have any poles. It can be set up in minutes and is flexible to enable the best shape to keep the breeze at bay! We can’t wait to try it!

View the AirBeam Modular WindBreak HERE

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Modular Wind Break