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New 2018 Optional Additions

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New 2018 Optional Additions

In the development of our 2018 range we wanted to advance our tents to make them even more comfortable, so that is why this year we are introducing a whole new range of additions which aim to add even more home from home comforts to your outdoor home. These include additional storage options and ways to increase your living space as well as additions to prolong the life of your tent allowing you to truly tailor your tent or awning to your needs.


The Vango SkyLiner, will reduce the amount of condensation that forms within the tent or awning and creates a thermal barrier offering extra warmth during those chilly winter nights. The SkyLiners are simply attached using our innovative SkyTrack™ II System.

Available for all AirBeam® tents EXCEPT; AirHub Hex and Diablo 800XL & 1200XL.

Available for all Caravan and Drive Away Awnings EXCEPT; AirHub Hexaway.


The Vango SkyShield system, like a footprint, will extend the life of a tent by protecting the roof from UV degradation as well as keeping it clean. On top of this, the SkyShield provides an additional layer of insulation that will help keep the tent cooler in hot weather and warmer at night. This can be easily slipped over the top of your tent and connected to each beam to keep it secure.

Available for all AirBeam® tents EXCEPT; AirHub Hex, Solace TC 400, Illusion TC 500XL & 800XL and Maritsa TC 600XL.

Not available for awnings.

Fitted Carpet

Add an essence of luxury and comfort to your outdoor home with our new and improved Vango fitted carpets. These have now been updated to include straps attached to each corner, allowing you to secure your carpet to the foot of the AirBeam® tubes in your tent, preventing the carpet from moving and bunching up in certain areas. Fitted carpets are available for the following tents:

  • Edoras 500XL / 600XL
  • Rivendale 500XL / 800XL
  • Diablo 1200XL
  • Inspire 800XXL
  • Serenity
  • Solace TC
  • Illusion TC
  • Maritsa TC

Family Shelter

The Family Shelter, is a simple and effective way to increase the size of your tent and gives shading from the sun. Similar in many ways to a tarp, it fits over the front of any Poled or AirBeam® tent to create a front canopy. Offering great flexibility with multiple eyelets and one king pole, the Family Shelter gives you additional covered space which is perfect for relaxing or dining under.

Sky Storage

Available in numerous sizes, you can now hang a selection of storage pockets inside your tent/awning using our fantastic SkyTrack® II System. Attached using our Sky Hooks (included with storage pockets) this innovative idea is the perfect solution for those of you who are running out of floor space for storage units but want to keep all your clothes/accessories tidied away.

Our range of Sky Storage includes:

  • Sky Baskets
  • 5 Pocket Storage
  • 8 Pocket Storage
  • 9 Pocket Storage
  • 10 Pocket Storage