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Key features to look out for when choosing a headtorch

Key features to look out for when choosing a headtorch

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Key features to look out for when choosing a headtorch

A headtorch is an essential item for all year round, but as the days get shorter it is important to make sure you have the perfect one for year-round activities!

Weight, brightness, ease of use and comfort are just some of the key factors when deciding which head torch is best to buy.

1. Brightness

The brightness of the head torch is measured in lumens, which is how much the human eye can detect. Referring to the brightness as lumens helps to provide more clarity with the use of LED’s – as a reference a 60W bulb would have a luminous flux of around 700-750 lumens. However, the focus of the lumens is what makes a big difference to the brightness.

How bright you want your head torch will depend on your activity, whether you just need to be seen or if you need a floodlit path in front of you. All Vango head torches are fitted with a collimator lens’ which will provide long-distance light, giving you the best possible illumination during the night.

It's helpful to know that the higher the level of brightness the quicker your battery will drain, so take into consideration how long you will need your headtorch.

Some other things to consider are that all Vango head torches have a red light setting which is less disruptive for night vision and so useful for night navigation exercises.

Lumens distance

2. Battery life

How long you need the battery to last will depend on the levels of brightness. Often head torches with a higher level of brightness, the battery life will be shorter.

Choosing a headtorch with rechargeable batteries is also a decision you will want to make. Where possible this is definitely a good choice. A rechargeable li-polymer battery will always be much more efficient and powerful, especially at low temperatures. If you use your head torch on a regular basis then you will quickly go through batteries, its often cheaper to buy a rechargeable headtorch like the Photon, which is rechargeable via a USB – and better for the planet!

photon headtorch

Flux headtorch

3. Weight

The weight of your headtorch should be considered depending on what activity you intend to use it for. It needs to fit comfortably with stability and have an even weight distribution. You should be able to shake your head and it not move. Vango headtorches all offer extension leads, with the battery pack fixed at the back of your head to allow for a more comfortable fit.

volt headtorch

4. Functionality

There are lots of questions you should ask yourself when choosing your new headtorch. Can you turn it off and on easily? Even when wearing gloves? Can you clip it to your rucksack or your hat? All Vango head torches feature multiple mount options, allowing them to be worn as a traditional headtorch or when detached from the headband, clipped onto webbing or tent pockets.

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