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How To Remedy Twisted Beams

How To Remedy Twisted Beams

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How To Remedy Twisted Beams

We have recently seen a few isolated cases of "twisted beams" in our AirBeam® tents, so wanted to share this handy guide to rectifying, and to assure you this isn't a quality issue, or issue which affects the beams adversely. As our Vango tents are designed to pack down into a small pack size for easy transportation, the beams must allow for pivoting and folding, which can result in soft "twisting" when re-pitching.

More often than not, this "twist" will disappear naturally once pitched, however if the twist remains, following the below steps will help improve the look and stability of your tent.

Step 1

Begin by reducing the pressure on the TBS, webbing straps and guylines so they are not impacting on the position and height of the tent. These TBS, webbing straps and guylines are storm straps and should only come into full tension when the tent is being deformed by the wind.

Step 2

Ensure that the bottom of the beams are correctly secured to the groundsheet velcro attachment points. It is important that the beam zips face each other inside the tent, if they are not facing each other this can cause further twisting of the beam. It is easier to line up the velcro on the beam to the groundsheet when the beam is partially deflated.

Step 3

Try fully deflating and inflating the beam 2 or 3 times. If you find that this does not resolve the twist, please try step 4.

Step 4

Inflate the beam to 5 PSI, unzip the tent sleeve that encases the beam and allow the beam to take its natural position, push up the beam in the centre and let go. Repear this step 2 or 3 times.

Step 5

Close the tent sleeve zip but do not force it if it is tight, the reduce the pressure in the bean until you can zip the tents sleeve easily. Inflate the beam to its normal pressure and repeat this process if required.

Step 6

Tension your TBS, webbing straps and guylines loosely where appropriate.

Following these steps should ensure any natrual twisting of the beams is reduced and give the user peace of mind for their next adventure. Should you require more information about this, please contact