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How to Measure for a Caravan Awning

How to Measure for a Caravan Awning

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How to Measure for a Caravan Awning

Measuring for a Vango Caravan Awning

Measuring your caravan for an awning is easier than you think. Follow our quick guide on how to measure your caravan to find the perfect awning to suit you. You may find it easiest to get accurate measurements with someone to help you. All you need is a tape measure and something to note your measurements on.

It's important to get the measurements just right, to make sure you buy the correct size of awning for your caravan. The measurement of the rail should be included in the caravans manual, however if you have misplaced this over the years, don’t worry, we have you covered!

There are two main areas of your caravan that you should take careful measurements of to ensure your new awning is the perfect fit.

All Vango AirAwnings are known as touring porch awnings, which means the first thing that you will need to know is the height of your awning to the ground.

HEIGHT: Vango awnings are designed to fit a variety of caravan heights between 235cm and 250cm.
When measuring the height of your caravan, ensure you are on level ground and the awning is level too. Measure from the ground to the top of the rail which runs flat along the top of the van.

Measure the height

LENGTH: Measure the full length of your straight rail which runs along the top of the caravan.

Vango awnings attach to the caravan using the straight rail section only. Therefore you should measure from just before the curve on the front of the caravan to just before the curve at the rear of the caravan.  This will tell you the maximum width of awning suitable for your caravan.

All our caravan awnings state the width as part of the product name e.g. Tuscany 380 is 380cm wide.

Many Vango caravan awnings also have the option to add an annex for extra sleeping or storage space. This attaches to the awning side doors. This will allow you to expand your living space even further should you wish.

Measure the length

Other things to consider are where the sides of the awning will sit in relation to doors, windows or even storage compartments on your van. All Vango awnings come with our unique patent pending Draught Seal System should the awning need to cover a window. This system will allow the awning to fit tightly around windows to give a neat seal to the van.

We have a range of different lengths of caravan awnings so are sure that you will find one to fit your caravan and allow you to make more of your caravan.
Now you can check which Vango awning will be a suitable fit for you and your caravan.