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Get out with the Kids, and Trangia!

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Get out with the Kids, and Trangia!

Trangia Cooking Outdoors

Now there's lots of modern lightweight stoves, and stoves that can boil a mug of hot water in an extremely short amount of time, surely the old Trangia is a bit, well, obsolete?

Actually, no. The Trangia wins on a number of fronts.

We're a family a 5. Rapidly boiling a mug of hot water 5 times, is not that efficient with the fuel, and takes a long time to individually prepare food 5 times over. This is one of the great things with using the Trangia - it has a pan big enough to prepare food for all of us, at the same time, and with just a little bit of fuel.

The way the Trangia packs together means you get a lot of cooking pans for the size. And it has a kettle. And a frying pan. And it's lightweight too. And comes with a windshield as well.

sausages sizzling in a trangia frying pan

It's not the smallest item in the backpack, but when you have a family of 5, it's great that everything is there in one place.

We often use the Trangia when going on a day camp somewhere. If you don't have time on the weekend to go camping, if you can spare one day, then a day camp is a fantastic way to get everyone outside.

You simply hike somewhere, set up a small camp at lunchtime - usually a tarp to shelter from the elements and something to sit on - and start a warm meal. We often play some games too. Then pack up and hike on some more, or turn around and walk back.

If you don't even have time to hike, go somewhere in the car. You can use a Trangia on a picnic table and get everyone a warm meal. Here's a picture of us having bangers and mash on a picnic table on a very wet day in Wales. All cooked on the Trangia.

Eating outdoors
For day camps we will often prepare something at home first, and use the Trangia to warm it through, or use the Trangia to cook something like pasta.

The Trangia is also good when taking family canoeing. Stow in your dry bag ready for beaching at lunchtime.

Finally, don't forget the Trangia when you do go camping.

As a family we go camping with the car, and have a larger family tent than you would with backpacking. Campfires are a must for us, and I usually use a Dutch Oven as well as a small gas hob for the kettle. But the Trangia is there too. Extra pans, including a frying pan, in one package make it indispensable.

fuel4 gel

Our Trangia is old now (it must be around 20 years old) and still going strong. It's completely aluminium, so it is lightweight. You can now get Trangia's with non-stick coating.

For fuel we've been using Meths, which has always lit well, even in poor conditions. The problem with Meths is that it's a bit smelly, leaves some soot marks on your pan, and you have to be careful transporting it as you don't want the stuff to leak.

Vango informed us of the new Fuel4 that works with the Trangia. This is a Bio-Ethanol gel, and works a treat.

You can get it in handy gel packs, which are a lot easier and safer to transport than meths. And it's better for the environment too. Simply squeeze the gel into the Trangia burner and ignite.

The Trangia gets a thumbs up from us. Cheers!
family eating outdoors

Gav is a father to 3 kids, who loves getting out and about (hiking, running, camping, cycling, canoeing...) ....but unfortunately spends too much time behind a computer keyboard than he would like! He co-founded Get Out With The Kids to help other parents enjoy the outdoors with their family.
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