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Camping Hacks with Vango

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Camping Hacks with Vango

Planning a camping holiday this summer? Or heading out for a weekend away in the hills? We have found all the best and most obscure camping hacks to make sure it all goes smoothly. We are sure some of these will make camping life that little bit easier, and more fun!


  1. When packing for your trip, always pack tent footprint last so it is the first thing out and nothing else gets wet if it happens to be raining when setting up – which unfortunately might be the case!
  2. Should you run out of power and need light, a crayon will burn for around 30 minutes, meaning a pack of 24 will last 12 hours.
  3. You can use muffin trays to keep ingredients or treats all in one place, this will stop anything mixing together and is easy to pack!
  4. Use a shower cap to keep your food covered when eating outside to stop any pesky bugs getting at it
  5. Pack your first aid kit in large water bottle instead of a bulky first aid box
  6. Use any ‘silica gel bags’ laying around your house in tent bags and kit bags when packing away damp camping equipment, these will help prevent any dampness in your tent and kit – these can also be used for storing with cookware to prevent rusting
  7. Hand sanitizer can work as a fire starter in any situations where it is difficult to start a campfire.
  8. Shower caps can also be used to cover muddy boots in your tent so it doesn’t get dirty!
  9. Ensure you always have WD40 and duct tape – WD40 for when things are supposed to move but do not, and duct tape for when things are not supposed to move but they do!
  10. Mouthwash can act as a bug spray if yours is forgotten.
  11. Doritos can be used as kindling for starting a fire
  12. Use empty Tic Tac containers for spices and seasonings
  13. Crack eggs and store them in a water bottle – prevents any egg cracking disasters
  14. If you end up getting bitten by a bug on your adventures put roll-on deodorant on the bite – it will stop the itching
  15. A cotton bud soaked in hand soap can help easily remove any ticks – apply it for 20 seconds and remove

We hope these hacks will be useful on your next adventure, tweet us your success stories @vango