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Best Camping Stoves 2020 with Otis and Us

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Best Camping Stoves 2020 with Otis and Us

If you’re looking for your ideal camping stove set up, Otis and Us have just the one for you!

If you have followed us for some time you know that we are huge fans of products that make camper van life and camping with kids a whole lot easier. When we converted our van into a camper we decided to not add an inbuilt stove at the time, and we often use a portable stove on our travels as we find it great to store and take out on our day to day adventures too. Camper van storage can be tight and so we are always on the look out for products that are useful, necessary and that don’t take up much space. So lets talk about the best camping stoves out on the market.
It is so important to get your hands on the right camping stove. One that suits your needs completely and your plans. I have done a lot of research so here it is 2 of the best camping stoves of 2020…

Vango Folding Stove with Windshield

  • This stove is made with the great British weather in mind.
  • It has an ultra-wide flame spreader with the added protection of the windshield allowing you to cook food thoroughly.
  • The high-quality Piezo ignitor ensures it will light first time, every time, whilst the windshield keeps the flame sheltered and steady.
  • Power 2600W
  • Boils 1L of water in 5 minutes
  • Built in windshield – Shelters flame from wind for increased efficiency, reducing cooking times
  • Foldable to compact size – Easy storage and transport
  • Gas canisters – Screw on butane propane mix
  • Approximate burn times: 110g – 35mins, 230g – 75mins, 450g – 145mins

Buy the Folding Stove with Windshield HERE

Vango Sizzle

The Vango Sizzle Induction Hob has been specifically designed for outdoor use with its 800W power. A heating lock ensures your pans stay warm whilst cooking and its wipe down surface makes cleaning up simple! Compatible with stainless steel bottom pans only, making our Gourmet Cook Set the perfect companion. It’s automatic pans sensor will let you know if your cookware isn’t compatible.

  • LED Controls – Easy to use
  • Automatic pan sensor – must be stainless steel bottom pans, audible beep if incorrect
  • Integrated cooling fan – Reduces the risk of overheating
  • 2.5m cable with UK plug – Extra long cable provides flexibility for cooking
  • Power: 800 Watts – Designed for outdoor use with a max temperature of 200oC
  • Heating lock – Ensures pans are kept warm
  • 12/21cm cooking area – Suitable for use with pans 12/21cm in diameter
  • Wipe down surface – Easy to clean
  • Storage bag for easy transportation

Buy the Sizzle Single or Double HERE

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