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Adventurer, Darren Hardy Recommends Ozone

Adventurer, Darren Hardy Recommends Ozone

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Adventurer, Darren Hardy Recommends Ozone

Vango Ozone Rucksack is a great choice!

Vango Ozone 40 is Everything You need in a Rucksack

At the start of June 2020, I spent a weekend on the Jurassic Coastline in Dorset. This was to recce routes and wild camp sites for future expeditions. 

During any expedition, it is important to carry everything you need to be self-sufficient and safe, but also comfortable. The Vango OZONE 40 provides all these needs and more for everything from my extreme adventures to lockdown ones!

Firstly, like most things, size is important and the Vango Ozone 40 is ideal if you are going on a day’s hike in the mountains or a one-week expedition, this pack will cover you for both journeys.  A great feature is the easily adjustable straps which can expand or tighten the pack to suit your needs.

Secondly, the back brace is a solid lightweight metal support that fits around the curves on your back and leaves a gap between the pack and your back. This prevents sweat absorbing into the pack itself but also allows air to travel between the gap and cools your back.  Complimenting this is the easily adjustable straps, which are a nice thickness that prevent rubs on the body.

Lastly, the rain cover is great, it's in a hidden pocket at the bottom that can be easily deployed in seconds, allowing your kit to stay dry.  It also doubles up as a high visibility reflective cover to ensure you are seen at night for maximum safety.