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My World Challenge Adventure - Jacob Jones

My World Challenge Adventure - Jacob Jones

The Expedition

It’s a big world and we only have a short life to discover everything we can. I met a boy called Waleed. He was the same age as me, 15. He was half the size of me, you could see his bones he was that skinny and malnourished. He made me really appreciate how good we all have it here. Simple things like turning on a tap and receiving clean drinking water is something that they could only dream of. We helped to build a well and a room to house the pump, which has done so much more than provide a free reliable water source; It gives hope. Hope for a more positive future for developing countries.

You can do all the training in the world but nothing can prepare you for the heat. The heat out there is your worst enemy. You can feel it beating down on your back, draining you every second. Don’t get me wrong, you get used to it, but I promise you that however long you spend in the country, the heat will still get to you, every day.


Boulder Rucksack

The Boulder Day Sack was great to fit everything in, it was strong and versatile. They were easy to adjust and gave plenty of pockets and compartments to keep all of your things in. They weren’t very comfortable if completely full as they pulled on your shoulders. Overall this is a great rucksack that I’ve used both in country and at home for hiking/trekking but also for general commutes and as an overnight bag.


Sherpa 60+10

This rucksack is amazing and so so comfortable! I absolutely adore this bag. I could fit in all my kit with room to spare. It has so many compartments for keeping everything in order. I especially like the pocket on the waist strap. It’s a bag I’m going to make the most out of. It’s going to come really handy with my D of E coming up. It’s a must have!


Camping Cutlery

This set is ace. They’re compact and fit the task in hand superbly. I love the pouch they come with. The spoons are also great for egg and spoon! They are very strong and light and don’t fold up whilst being used.


Corvus 85

I’m a fan of this head torch. It’s light, bright and fits a wide variety of heads. I like the grip on the band as, unlike head torches I’ve had in the past, it doesn’t slip off different materials. The red light is great as it allows your eyes to adjust whilst providing adequate light. I like that you can have a spot or a wash of light. The clip that holds the battery compartment shut on my torch is quite weak and therefore doesn’t always stay shut; otherwise this is a fab piece of kit.


Trek Mat

I’ve had many roll mats, both expensive and very cheap from a variety of providers but I must say, hand on heart, this is the comfiest and most compact roll mat I have ever had the pleasure to rest my head on. It’s easy and effortless to blow up and just as simple to put away, after a bit of practise! The bags of some of the other team’s mats ripped but I suspect that they hadn’t rolled theirs tight enough. Again, this is going to be an asset to my D of E kit.


Ultralite Sleeping Bag

I honestly don’t know what I did before this sleeping bag. It’s so comfy and warm! It’s also one of the strongest I’ve ever had. I am very prone to ripping sleeping bags, and touch wood, so far I’ve used this sleeping bag many times both on expedition and in the UK and it’s still in pristine condition.  Another valuable piece of my D of E kit. It’s a fabulous sleeping bag.


Camino Walking Pole

I like to keep things positive but several of the team had their poles break in half before we even got out of Wales. I’m not one to use a pole but when I used this one I quite enjoyed it and it made life a little easier. I haven’t got much more to say as I haven’t really used it. It seems to be of very high quality though.

Have a look at all the gear that Jacob brought on his adventure here:

Boulder Day Sack

Sherpa 60 + 10

Camping Cutlery

Corvus 85

Trek Mat

Ultralite Sleeping Bag

Camino Walking Pole

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  • Nathan Brown

    Nathan Brown 13-02-2017

    Hi Jacob,

    Sounds like you had a great time and the kit really seemed up for the job!


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