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Enduro2 - Kit List

Enduro2 - Kit List

Sponsored by Vango Enduro2 is a pairs race that takes place over 3 days, and has riders dipping and dodging the beautiful scenery of Les Arcs, France.

The Enduro team felt that with the world of big sponsorship and the rise of ultra-professional events, some of the magic from racing had been lost. Gone were the days of racing for fun and shredding up new trails with your mates.

It is for this reason that the Enduro2 race was created. The aim of the event is simple: to complete a blind alpine trial in teams of two, and to put the comaraderie, friendship, and fun back into racing. From the very start of the race all the way to the end, partners must stick together, meaning that someone will finally get to bare witness to all those near misses, expert landings and runs-of-your-life-that-no-one-ever-saw.

Kit Advice from the experts

As the event is over 3 days, many will also opt to turn the race into a week long camping trip, Enduro2 is about living in the moment, not living your life through recounted stories and images, not through social media and Strava.  It’s about sharing that experience on a personal level, with a group of riders from around the world that are all right there with you and participating for the same reason as you are. Not necessarily to win, but to participate, to enjoy, and to remember, this is why camping makes the experiance all the better.

As such, Vango have partnered with the folks over at Enduro2 to provide a comprehensive kit list of must have items for those participating in the Enduro2 event. From the best trekking tents for use in Les Arcs  to the flask you carry your tea in, Vango has you covered on all of the essential camping needs!

Enduro 2 Kit List

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