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2016 Vango Illusion 800 How To Replace Your Beams

2016 Vango Illusion 800 How To Replace Your Beams

Dear Campers,

It has come to our attention that on a small batch of 2016 Vango Illusion 800s (AMG Product Code - TELILLUSIH09184), a weaker than specified thread was used to stitch a small number of beams, which may cause beams to split along the stitched seams.

This issue has only occurred in a small number of Illusion 800 tents, from a particular batch, and does not affect any other tents. We can pinpoint the batch to Illusion 800, Purchase Order PO14737.

As a preventative measure, we would like to supply all owners of Illusion 800s from PO14737, a completely new set of beams (inner tube and casing). It is important to change the beams, as a rupture could potentially damage the tent. It is easy to check if your Illusion is one of the effected tents. First, by checking if it is a 2016 model. All 2016 Illusion will have the Vango logo on the top of the tent bag with a '50' in the corner of the orange triangle (See below for example)

Vango 50 Logo

Secondly, as the problem is isolated to one batch of Illusion tents, the affected tents can be identified by their PO number which is PO14737.

This number can be found in two locations;

  • On the shipping box the tent was delivered in
  • The small white production label sewn into the tent bag

Illusion 800 Product ticket

If your tent is from batch PO14737, please contact Vango directly on 08447 707058 (open 09:00-17:00 Monday to Thursday, to 15:00 Friday), or send an email to .

We would like to arrange for a complete set of replacement beams to be delivered to you. They are really simple to replace and should only take a few minutes while your tent it pitched. Detailed instructions will be provided with the new beams.

These new beams are really simple to insert into your tent, as the beams have been designed for easy removal and replacement.


  1. Pitch your tent, as you normally would
  2. Inflate the replacement beams
  3. Remove and replace each beam one by one


There’s a short video that shows how the beams are replaced. Visit You Tube to view this video-

We go to great lengths in our quality procedures to eliminate this sort of error and we are incredibly frustrated, and deeply sorry, that this has happened. Rest assured, we will pull out all the stops to try and ensure you are completely satisfied with your Illusion. Please accept our sincere apologies that this problem has occurred.

Yours sincerely,

Team Vango

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