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6 Benefits of Vango AirBeam® Tents

6 Benefits of Vango AirBeam® Tents

Vango AirBeam® has been in development since the early noughties however, the inflatable tent technology didn’t appear in our range until 2011. Why did it take so long you ask? Because only the best tents deserve the Vango badge! As one of the leading camping companies in the UK and keen campers ourselves, the Vango team are always innovating to enhance the camping experience. Using cutting edge design, advanced materials and our own camping knowledge attributed to the development of AirBeam®. We’ve been delivering AirBeam® tents to campers across the globe for 5 years now and our research and development is continual.  This blog will look at the best features of AirBeam® tents and the many benefits they can bring to your camping experience!

1 Super-Fast Pitching

So you have spent several hours twisting through one-lane roads stuck half the way behind a tractor, all eye-spy options have been exhausted, and the kids have started to ask the dreaded……..“ARE WE THERE YET?” You finally arrive at your haven for the days ahead and all you want to do is relax with a cold drink. However, there is the small obstacle of pitching your tent first.

As a family run company Vango understand the importance of spending time with your loved ones and we want to get your camping holiday started in style! That is why we have made it so easy and fast to pitch our AirBeam® tents, meaning you can get on with more important holiday duties like playing football with the kids.

All Vango AirBeam® tents come with a double action pump and our patented AirSpeed Valve®. This technology has been designed so you can pitch your tent in record time with as little effort as possible, and it is just as easy to pack away your inflatable tent.  

Our friends at Attwoolls have kindly put together a great pitching and packing guide using the Vango Illusion 800 which is an 8 man tent, one of the biggest in our range. Most of our tents can be pitched between 5-10 minutes by one person as demonstrated in the video. Attwoolls also show off the great travel bag which all our large family tents come with, making it simpler for you to move your tent around.

2 Strong Structure

Each Vango AirBeam® tent is designed with multiple separate beams which, are individually inflated via AirSpeed Valves®. Yeah, I know it means it will take that little bit longer to inflate your tent. However it does mean that you aren’t relying on one AirBeam® to keep your tent upright. Instead, the multiple singular beams will hold the structure of your tent each supporting the other.

An Airbeam® consists of two components which are the heavy duty plastic inner tube (which holds the air) and a strong protective ripstop nylon outer casing. When inflated collectively the beams provide a large stable surface area meaning that the outer of your tent is pulled taut. This results in a much more stable structure overall which is great at reducing noise made by wind or rain pattering against your tent.

Finally, for that little extra security we have added our Vango Patented TBS® (Tension Band System) which you can connect from each side of the tent to a joining point in the middle of the roof to increase the stability of the tent in adverse weather conditions.

3 Prepared for all Weather

The main trepidation for some campers when purchasing an AirBeam® tent is surviving the elements on a windy miserable day and possibly having to admit defeat, retreat and camp out in the car for shelter because the tent has collapsed.

No need to worry! All Vango tents from the biggest to the smallest, poled and AirBeam® undergo extensive testing to meet strict European Standards. This involves Vango tents being put to the test within a weather controlled environment against 300mm of rain per hour and up to 90 km/h winds. By testing our tents against such extreme conditions it means you’re able to enjoy your camping holiday inside your warm and dry tent. Check out our video which shows Vango tent’s being tested in our weather test chamber; I feel sorry for them!

4 How to mend an AirBeam®

Ever changed a bike tyre? An AirBeam® works on much the same principle, it does take a lot to puncture an AirBeam® but, in the unlikely event that it does happen, you can make a quick repair using the repair kit which comes with your tent. The repair kit is ideal for field repairs while camping, so make sure you keep it with your tent, we suggest you keep it in your tent bag.

Alternatively, if you wish to completely replace a damaged AirBeam® replacement inner tubes are available from AirBeam® retailers (please call to check stock) or purchase on the Vango website and the video below show just how easy it is to replace the old beam with the new. Replacement inner tubes for older models are available from Vango Camping Spares.

5 Vango Customer Care and Warranty

All Vango AirBeam® tents come with a minimum of 2 years warranty however, this can be extended to 3 years when you register your new tent with Vango Aftercare. We want to make sure you have the best camping experience with your Vango tent so, we are happy to support you as the customer to resolve any warranty issues with our retail partners. Our retail partners and Vango AirBeam® Service Centres are always at hand to answer any warranty enquires. Just make sure you keep a hold of your receipt as validity of the tent’s warranty.  

6 An Airbeam® Tent for Every Camper

Within our collection of AirBeam® tents there is literally something for everyone on the campsite. Our smallest AirBeam® tents which sleep up to 4 people are prefect for festival goers, couples and small families. However if you are looking for something bigger our largest AirBeam® tent can sleep up to 8 people and is great for big families or the ultimate glamping experience.

As well as varied sizes we also use different fabrics within our AirBeam® collection. For example our polycotton tents are great in a wide variety of weather conditions as they are more breathable and handle condensation more effectively. However, the exclusive Vango Protex® fabric tents are strong, highly waterproof and lightweight, keeping the wind and rain at bay.

Vango AirBeam® tents come with many great features to make your camping experience that little bit more luxurious. These include lights out rooms, diamond clear windows and extra storage. However if you are looking for a little bit more of a home from home feel, there are many additional options available such as awnings, carpets and ground sheets. Furthermore there is also a range of camping accessories including storage units, lighting and furniture.

You can find the full range of Vango AirBeam® tents here or if you have any further questions please feel free to add them to the comments below.  

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