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Trans Savoie Round up for 2015

The Trans Savoie is unlike many of the other Enduro bike race it has the reputation of being one of the toughest, running for 6 days, with 30 timed stages covering 300k across the Alps and finishes at the top of Mont Blanc. For most of the competitors, survival and the badge of honour for finishing was enough, but for the top racers in each category, the thought of winning was greater. Nico Lau and Meggie Bichard are the 2015 Champions, and popped the champagne in the men’s and women’s overall competition sponsored by Shimano, Vango, Trail Addiction and Fox.


“Completely mental, just full speed ahead…..that was CRAZY!” – Nico Lau – 2015 Trans-Savoie Champion

This years event started in Val d’Isere , travelled through Les Arcs, Meribel and Saint Gervais to the finish line with an overall descent of 32,000m. The week’s racing threw everything from super-steep technical tracks, to varied weather conditions and the pure physical and mental challenge of daily racing at the riders. The race is done blind with no previous view of the track, except a brief description at the start of each stage of what’s to come. The words used most often in all of these descriptions were “technical and steep with lots of tight, very exposed, rocky, dropping switchbacks”.

There was huge variety over the week because every day was in a completely different zone, the race takes riders through sub-alpine, forests of all types, a couple of bike parks and even farmland and villages .The focus was technical riding, but lots of that was smashing full death-grip into rock gardens or hucking over blind crests and hoping there wasn’t anything too pointy on the other side. It was a hard week on wheels and tyres, derailleurs and rotors. Shimano tech support were busy boys, and did an awesome job keeping rigs running throughout the week.

“When I got into dirt jumping and downhill as a spotty teenager I would have laughed if you had said I would do a 300k race across the alps.” Phil Shucksmith - Pro Ride MTB Coaching

Each night the riders and support teams camped in some amazing locations, the whole experience is competitive but also very chilled out. Everyone in camp has similar interests and it’s easy to make friends, plus everyone has similar aches, pains and problems so they know what you’re going through. Camping means that there are also lots of BBQs for everyone to get involved in and the end of event party on the last night means you get to finally relax with a whole new group of mates.

This summer we ran the Vango Trans Savoie competition with the chance to win entry to next year's race. Our lucky competition winner Marc Howard will be taking his place next year in this awesome race, so huge congratulations and good luck, we hope you have a fantastic time and that we hear from you soon.

All photos in this article are courtesy of Ronan Dugan & Mick Kirkman,

The video in this article was filmed by Ben Gerrish, Glen Thomson & Adam Schlang

Vango Product used by the Trans Savoie Camp - Vango Pop 200 DS Tent

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