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Top tips for Warm Weather Camping

Top tips for Warm Weather Camping

Our top 5 tips for camping when the sun does come out to make sure that you enjoy the weather.

Pitching location & timing matters

Looking at where you pitch your tent is one of the first things to look at ensure you pitch up in the shade is possible, aiming to have your tent in shade at least for the hottest part of the day.

Just like your location, ensuring that you open up the vents and doors to let air circulate around your tent or awning will considerably cool down your tent. In addition, as most tents have curtains which can be used for privacy, they can also reduce the amount of direct heat inside your tent.

The ideal tent for camping in warm weather is a Polycotton tents are more breathable in warm weather, letting more air pass through the tent.

Sleep is important

Choosing a sleeping bag that is designed from warmer weather is important in order for it to be breathable and lightweight. Choosing a single season sleeping bag can help you have a comfortable night’s sleep, whilst the weather is warm. In some countries where it is particularly humid, opting for sleeping bag liner or mosquito net can also help with breathability whilst keeping bugs at bay!

Layers are key

When out hiking or trekking in the summer, it can sometimes get cool quickly when the sun goes down, taking a couple of thin layers with you when pitching your tent can stop you getting too chilly. These can also be helpful when cooking or socialising outdoors, weather by the beach or in the hills!

Keeping insects away

Camping, particularly in the warmer months can mean that there are more insects than usual. Taking a good insect repellent can usually ward off any unwanted bites. Failing that, carrying a mosquito net for your face is often useful when you’re setting up camp. If you’re pitching up in a camp site or other area with fire safe areas, having heat and light can keep bugs away from the tent. If not, small citronella candles can be used on stable tables as an alternative!


Always bring a reusable bottle along with you on any camping trips or hikes, this is valuable advice all year round, but especially important during summer. When out hiking, finding a running stream or waterfall makes for a fresh and drinkable back up plan! Make sure you have water with you as often as possible, particularly if you’re going out hiking in the sun.

Keeping your drinks nice and cold in a bucket of water is a great idea, add ice or reusable ice cubes. Just remember to keep the bucket in the shade, or it could become warm water pretty quickly!


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