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Camping with a Baby: The importance of good quality outdoor equipment

Camping with a Baby: The importance of good quality outdoor equipment

Heading off on a solo wild camping trip with a seven month old baby can be a daunting concept, but it doesn't need to be. I have come to learn that being well prepared and packing correctly are forms of art that with time, trial and error; you eventually become a master of.

I started hiking with my daughter, Lara when she was just six weeks old. It was the dead of winter in Scotland, so varying temperatures and climates were something she got used to fairly quickly. Packing and re-packing bags and making sure I had all of the right things was something I had to get used to! Over the months, our outdoor adventures and camping trips are becoming more and more memorable, and it would seem that Lara is coming to love the great outdoors just like her mummy and daddy. Her excited chatter as we hike is music to my ears.

Having a partner that works in the military means that a lot of our trips are solo ones. Would it be easier for me to stay at home after a busy week? Of course it would. But, I would not be who I am if I did not answer when the mountains and wilderness call! So, baby in one arm; Vango tent, backpack, roll matt, sleeping bag and a whole load of other things in the other; we take to the road.

Having good quality, easy to use outdoor kit is an essential part of our adventures. Not only for comfort, but for durability and reliability. When you have a baby in one arm or in a front/ backpack, every little helps when it comes to footery tasks or something as simple as getting what you need from your bag (more on bags later!). I needed a tent that was going to be quick and easy to pitch and of course, good quality. The Scafell 300+ turned out to be the perfect choice for us.

After a 9 mile hike up the second highest mountain on the island and an hours drive to the remote shores of Uisken Bay, I had no idea how the tent pitching was going to go. With one wide awake baby who wanted to play, I set up a time lapse video and let the fun begin.

I pegged down the corners of the tent to stop if from blowing away and was pleasantly surprised when the whole structure was up in less than 10 minutes. There was absolutely no stress involved and we had the rest of the evening to explore the rock pools and watch the almost full moon rising above the Paps of Jura and Colonsay as the sun set behind us.

I woke before sunrise to the sound of the waves on the beach. Next to me, Lara was still soundly sleeping, cosy in her onesie. The night had been a success and I was able to pack up just as quickly as setting up, before getting on the road.

The verdict? We can't wait to get back out again. With the right equipment, preparation and mindset, anyone can do it! These trips will be the ones to remember and the stories to tell your little ones when they are older. It is my goal to instil the spirit of adventure in my daughter with the hope that she keeps a wild heart.

Stay Wild.


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