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Attention to detail, the little things

Attention to detail, the little things

Over the past 50 years, we have learnt that sometimes it can be the little details which matter the most. For this reason, we have a team in our service centre to ensure that whatever happens, we have you covered. Our professional team of inspectors, machinists and technical experts carry with them a collective 100+ years of experience in the outdoor industry, although it is unlikely that you’ll ever need to contact them, they work together to bring you the highest quality, fastest and most reliable aftersales service to ensure whatever happens, we have your back.

From small stitching repairs and re-taping jobs to specialist pole make-ups and new PVC windows, our team work tirelessly to help you hold on to the products you know and love. Our comprehensive spare pole and beam department gives us the flexibility to provide you with almost any replacement you might require, straight off the shelf. And if we don’t have it, we’ll make it! We have a pole expert with more than 25 years’ experience who can cut and string custom sized poles and weld a large variety of tubes so that we get your product back to you as quickly as possible.

Our expertise doesn’t stop there, in 2011 following 12 years of development and testing, Vango revolutionised tent design and camping but using inflatable AirBeam® in place of traditional poles for rapid pitching in any environment. Vango AirBeam® enables extremely quick and easy pitching to maximise your relaxation time whilst enjoying the great outdoors. Vango product team consistently look to innovate your camping kit and look to find solutions for your camping issues.

With 8 full-time inspectors and sewing machinists and an additional 6-8 seasonal workers, the services department is always equipped to receive, inspect, repair and return your product back to you effectively and efficiently. By investing in more machinery as well as implementing staffing structures to ensure our repair queue is always moving, you should have your product back to you within 2 weeks. Using our acclaimed online portal service, you and your retailer can easily return your faulty or damaged product, which can be automatically collected by one of our entrusted couriers. The website gives clear visibility of the progress of your return and when you might expect it back. We will always keep you informed and if there are any repair charges, we get in touch to explain exactly what needs to be done and to get your personal authorisation.

Aside from our aftersales department, the Services warehouse also hosts a large refurbishment process. AMG Group Ltd has taken several steps in trying to reduce their carbon footprint, one of which is utilising eBay to sell second-hand products that have been returned to our warehouse and replaced or credited. Rather than simply scrapping these perfectly usable, often nearly new, products, we fully inspect and then categorise them. Vango’s “Camping Recycled” eBay page uses only 2 categories: C for ex-display, practically new products, and D for products that have had small repairs, such as patches.

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