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Vango Draught Seal System Explained

Vango’s new Draught Seal System

Vango Draugh seal

Brand new innovative solution to create a tight seal between the awning and your caravan. Patented to Vango with 2 years of development the Vango Draught seal system ensures no draughts come into your awning and removes the need for any poles in your awning,  which may have potentially damaged your caravan.

The Vango Draught Seal system is standard on all of our new Caravan Awnings in 2019 including Montelena, Rapide, Florence and Vienna,

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How does Vango Draught Seal System work?

The sewn in tension strap is attached at the top of your AirAwning and following the steps below ensure you won't need the use of poles next to your caravan. 

1. Secure the foam pads against your caravan and awning.

2. Unclip the bottom section of the webbing strap and feed onto the lower kador rail.

3. Feed through the awning slit onto the inside and buckle to the top half of the Draught Seal strap.

4. Adjust the tension of the strap and roughly place your tension triangles

5. Tighten the Draught Seal strap.

6. Fold round and secure the Draught Seal cover with the hook and loop pads.

Find out more about our inflatable Caravan Awnings

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