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Make more of time with family. Meet Noah and his family

Make more of time with family. Meet Noah and his family

Make more of time with family. Noah and his family are new to caravanning, getting outdoors and leaving the every day to relax in the caravan. This is one holiday which has quickly become one of the Wall family’s new firm favourites. For Noah, there are more challenges than most to enjoying the outdoors, but this doesn’t deter him. Meet 6-year-old Noah and his family who have joined the Vango Tribe. 

My name is Noah and I’m 6 years old. I have an Elddis Crusader that my family and I use for our holidays. I’m disabled & use a wheelchair because I was born with Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus. I really love my caravan, it’s like having a great big den! I didn’t know that Vango had awnings on their website, we came across it by accident, then we saw a section on being an ambassador and decided to apply.


We had a reply a week later saying they’d love me to be an ambassador & hear all about my adventures in my caravan & awning. 


We had a look on the Vango website and daddy found out how to measure our caravan for an awning, I looked with my mummy and daddy to see which awning would work the best. When my dad had done the measurements & we figured out which would fit onto my caravan, we excitedly became part of the Vango Tribe.


The boxes arrived a couple of weeks later and were even taller than me! It was great fun unpacking everything and I couldn’t wait to help my daddy put up the awning. I was in charge of the mallet! The AirBeams that we pumped up were great fun and it didn’t take me long to figure out how to let them down again, my daddy said “mind your fingers” quite a few times!


The awning gives me so much space to play in my wheelchair before I didn’t have enough room in my caravan to roll around on the floor or even get in my wheelchair like I can in the awning. The carpet isn’t cold and is so easy to slide on. It is amazing to be able to stretch out, roll around and play too. I love being able to sit on the floor and still see out of the windows. I have made lots of friends on the site where my caravan lives and I love to chat with people as they pass by. The awning keeps me nice and dry, and it’s very warm too. 


At the end of the holiday, I was very sad when my dad had to take the awning down because it was time to go home. I did have great fun letting the air out of all of the tubes and it didn’t take daddy very long at all to pack the awning away so he had plenty of time to play with me!

Daddy has promised we can put the awning up again soon and I can help hammer the pegs in and pump up the beams, I can’t wait. 


So many adventures to be had!


Love Noah xx 

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