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How to: Attach Awning Additions

How to: Attach Awning Additions

Whether you want to expand your living space to accommodate for extra guests or simply just have a little more room to relax with your friends and family, we have a great selection of optional additions to easily attach to your awning while you are away.

How to: Attach an Annex to your Awning

Whether you are having extra guests for the night, want a little more privacy or even require some additional storage space for your equipment, the Annex is all you need. The Annex is designed to maximise the space of your caravan awning and features only one AirBeam® making it quick and easy to assemble on the campsite. You can even buy a separate footprint for the Annex, extending its life by keeping it clean and protecting the groundsheet from stones.

The Vango Annex is available for the Sonoma, Varkala, Kalari and Varkala Connect collections.


Shop the Annex HERE

How to: Attach a Porch Door onto your Awning

The Porch Door is exclusive to the Sonoma Caravan Awning collection, allowing you to create an enclosed front extension on your awning. The Porch Door can be easily zipped onto the front of your awning and only has one AirBeam® for a simple assemble when need be. One of the key benefits of the porch door is that it fully encloses the awning, ensuring you are protected by the rain or sun. With diamond clear front windows too, you can enjoy the view from inside, wherever you have travelled with your caravan.


Shop the Sonoma Porch Door HERE

How to: Attach a Varkala Connect Extension to your Awning

For when you want to expand your outdoor living area, a Varkala Extension is a must-have! It’s simple to assemble, provides a great area for lounging and still offers fantastic views wherever you may be. So, to get that home from home feel in no time, check out our video to find out how to attach the extension in 8 easy steps!

The Varkala Connect Extension is available for the Varkala Connect collection, in which there is a left and right extension available.


Shop the Varkala Connect Extensions HERE

How to: Change an AirBeam® in your Awning

In the rare occasion that you need to replace your AirBeam® inside your awning, this video is great for those emergency moments for when you want to get on with your holiday again in no time. Replacement AirBeams® are very handy to keep stored with your camping equipment in case of an emergency and will make sure that your holiday is not ruined!

Shop our Replacement tubes HERE

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