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How-To: Pitch & Pack your Awning

How-To: Pitch & Pack your Awning

For those times where you want to get on with your holiday as soon as possible and without the faffing about with instructions, we have created ‘how-to’ videos from pitching your awning to sadly packing it away when your holiday comes to an end. See how it’s done by our awning experts and you’ll be a pro in no time too!

How to: Pitch an Awning onto your Caravan

If you are trying out your awning for the first time or even just looking for an easier way to assemble it, our step by step guide to pitching and attaching your awning could help you become an awning pitching master!

We would advise that 2 people aid the awning through the rail to enable a quick and smooth process. Check out our short video on how we recommend pitching your awning to your caravan and enjoy your time on the campsite as soon as possible.

How to: Pack Away your Awning

Packing away your awning can sometimes feel like a bit of a chore at the end of your holiday, so getting it packed up the quickest and easiest way possible will be a lifesaver! You may be thinking why you would need a tutorial when just packing away your awning? Well, we have come up with a handy step by step process to ensure your awning and extra bits pack well into the bag without any hassle. No squishing into the bag and no additional extras popping out!

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